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  1. I have the same problem with my Samsung GN 9. EN version is 8.9_beta3.
  2. Most often when using the new outlook clipper, I get an undescribed error and cannot save the mail. So, I have gone back to sending by mail to EN as I do not want this double work every time. Else, I liked that the new clipper add the e-mail adresses as well as the names. At least, when it works.
  3. Hi - well, no fix. Other than that Evernote Tech Service has admitted faults in the program. As to your questions; I have about 13.000 notes, the largest PDF-file is about 10 MB. And no local notebooks. I take it that the deep silence surrounding my question - only one comment - indicates that not many have the same problem. Best, Thomas
  4. I have a problem, that Evernote for windows does not index my PDF and JPG files, and they are thus not searchable. This is really annoying, as I rely on EN as my archive. The files are indexed on Evernote Web, though. I have been in contact with Evernote Tech Service, however, they have not been able to solve the issue during two weeks of mailing back and forth. Event the newest update bringing improved synchronisation, coming out this weekend, has not helped. So, I now rely on all you bright guys out there, to suggest what could be the cause and even better, the solution. / Thomas
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