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  1. lol, wow, i hit the gold mine here. that post was supposed to be cheeky. as in tongue in cheek, or bison cheek soup (i hear its to die for). as far as opening files externally, i dont think its such a bad solution. acrobat has many features that would just be cumbersome in evernote, and as far as epub goes, it was really meant for mobile devices...seeing that evernote seemlessly opens them in iBooks, which allows for higlighting, bookmarking, search, etc, this really is an elegant solution... on to the good parts of this thread... Latin. yes, i am well aware that latin survives as a sort of macbethian ghost in man other languages. that was the point. but more to the point, it never really was a language unto itself, it really always was a sort of Quinta Essentia to other languages. it only survived as long as it did as a sort of elitist codex. bison, a reference to the colloquialism "slowly going the way of the buffalo" laserdisk...self explanatory, no... case in point, we are communicating each to (i would say his/her, but we are all somehow genderless) own computer, preseumably we are all human, and the computer is communicating to other computers connected through the net, and then another human reads and responds, and it begins again. so we are already communicating only to computers. the point being that soon, the language as we currently understand it will become obsolete. why talk to a computer in a thousand year old script meant for, no pun intended (?) manuscripts? why not cut out "layers of obfuscation" required to transliterate my thoughts through dozens of other languages (coding languages) and back again into this or any other language (english, et. al.) ? why not just communicate directly with the computer, in a language that (will soon) be common to the computer and user, and thus all users? this may sound a little like the matrix, but that was not the impetus for the idea. as for decaf...i suppose i should entrain my brainwaves to a more common frequency? i love it when someone feels the need to throw something like that it whenever some says something out of the ordinary. ordinary. ordinary. normalcy. oh, i suppose it is hopeless afterall.
  2. yeah thats all well and good, but i might as well just keep my ebooks in finder, and use spotlight to open them. the elegance of evernote allows me to keep an annotated, tagged, highly evolved library accessible on any device, anywhere in the world. which is what i use it for for my PDF book library. pdf is nice, i can read them inline in evernote now, for the last several generations of evernote, and i can open them in acrobat and highlight and annotate. but i have hundreds of other books in epub format that i would love to integrate into my evernote library. opening them externally is so neolithic. and it doesnt help much on an iphone or ipad. which means, i have to manually manage the library through stanza or kindle or ibooks or all three...COME ON! that may work for windows users, but... j/k. i am slowly learning how to code so i can finally solve my own problems. IN THE FUTURE LANGUAGE AS WE KNOW IT WILL GO THE WAY OF LATIN, LASERDISK, AND THE UNFORTUNATE NORTH AMERICAN BISON. we will cease communicating with humans, and learn to communicate directly to computers. we already are, case in point, but it will become more direct. less and less layers of obfuscation...oh, is that off topic? on the contrary, dear Watson!
  3. this is a drawback i think. i dont want to have to use a different iapp, neither on my iphone, nor my mac. can we please have a plug in or an update allowing inline reading of epub and .mobi? i have hundreds of .epub files, and i am tired of converting each one individually... thank you thank you thank you
  4. the plug in doesnt take me to the EN site either, but it does feel really clumsy. it is far too slow, and you cant multi task. my workaround...(works on mac, windows?)... a. i put my Dock on the left side of my screen. b. i put the EN Dock Icon at the top of the dock, right under Finder, this will make sense... 1. find the little globe icone in the address bar in crome, or other browser. 2. drag the icon to EN icon in the Dock, and drop it like its hot. 3. in the newest version of EN, it will clip the entire page, as well as the URL. very handy. this works much faster, you can open all the pages you want to clip, then simply drag and drop and close each tab as you go. this obviously will not allow you to immediately tag and assign notebook, but i find this is preferable, because after i drag and drop, i just command-tab over to EN, and now you can BATCH EDIT! woot. hope that helps
  5. this is a life saver...literally. i think evernote's debilitating search features were actually contributing to my hair loss. i feel like someone pulled a plug at the base of my skull and released all the pressure built up from cursing at evernote every time it would freeze up searching through my thousands of notes when i only want to search titles. the fickle evernote gods have smiled upon us! hail intitle: and her consort, -intitle: !!!!!
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