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  1. Same issue on this end as reported by others; always logging itself out despite setting Cookies as suggested.
  2. Another build, again no ability to encrypt notes (Version 3.0.0 Beta 2 (166096)). Can someone let those of us having this issue, (despite seeing our notes updated between builds), provide a way to fix this? I’d be happy to start from scratch with a new data file if that’s what it takes.
  3. Like the last 2X builds, this beta (Version 3.0.0 Beta 1 (161622)) refuses to encrypt notes.
  4. Version 2.2.3 (158341) just upgraded, still can’t encrypt notes.
  5. Broken here as well. Love the product but this bug is quite annoying and kind of important (encrypting sensitive data).
  6. Forgive me when I say “duh, its a bug” . It used to work, now it doesn’t. And since it doesn’t work on two machines, I kind of suspect its something to do with the database. Considering I’m trying to encrypt data, I’m not sure I’d be willing to provide it for testing although I could delete the notes I don’t want seen. If the engineers want this, I might oblige. Or if an export/import process might work, I’d try that if asked.
  7. Just upgraded to Version 2.2.2 Beta 1 (155744). Still can’t encrypt notes.
  8. Encrypt Selected Text is completely non functional for me in this build. I can't encrypt any new data (select Encrypt Selected Text, nothing happens) and an existing note that was encrypted is no longer working (encrypt/un-encrypt).
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