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  1. Thanks for the reply. I thought I tried the option that's supposed to create separate notes for each page and it didn't seem to work, but I'll give it another look. I also scan certain types of documents using my iPhone. I use Scannable, although it has a glitch with setting the crop boundaries that annoys me (and which I reported and they replied and said they know about it... which was nearly a year ago now). If you have any other suggestions, I''m all ears. Thanks again!
  2. Update several months later: As suggested, I am now happily scanning everything as PDF, which works fine. However, there is still one thing I wish I could do like I used to and that is to put a stack of receipts in the feeder for the scanner, tell the software that I am scanning receipts, then hit the button once and make a separate note in EN for each receipt. I am currently scanning each receipt individually, but the old software worked that way by default and now I can't seem to figure out a way to do it. I know I could scan into the ScanSnap client as a receipt and maybe that would create separate files, but I don't want my documents anywhere except for EN. To be clear, I don't have any problem with them existing in other places, but if I can't get them in EN, then I'm not interested. I hope this makes sense and I look forward to any further thoughts or suggestions!
  3. OK, I am still tinkering with things, but here's one I just stumbled across that's a moderate annoyance: Apparently, the maximum length (in the direction of the feed) is limited to 14.17 inches?! I know for a fact that before this update I was able to scan much longer documents (for example, lots of receipts are much longer than this), although it required a long press on the scan button. Actually, I didn't try that, so let me pause in typing here and give it a shot. To my surprise and delight, it worked! I wonder why the dimension setting in the software indicates 14.17" as the maximum then? If you want to look at the setting I'm talking about, edit the profile, click on "Option..." to the right of "Feed", then "Customize..." to the right of "Document size". Weird. OK, back to tinkering!
  4. I am going to play around with some things based on what I've learned from your posts, then I will report back my results. Thanks to you both!
  5. Oh yeah, any thoughts/ideas on scanning to a specific notebook? I used to scan to different notebooks for documents, receipts, photos, etc. but now I don't think that's possible. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the reply! In doing my research, I saw you posting a lot and my inclination was to just send a message to you, so I am glad your replied. 🙂 So my problem (if you want to call it that) doesn't have anything to do with the scanner. It feeds pages through just fine and the scans look good. Let me try to explain with an example. Source: a 10-page document printed on 8.5x11 white paper that has printed text on one side of all sheets and the second side of some. Some of the pages also have hand-written notes written in the margins. One last wrinkle is that a few of the pages are oriented in landscape (graphs with images and text). I know there is an option for the scanner to either scan simplex or duplex, so I'd have it in duplex. An additional setting allows the software to ignore blank pages, which I also have enabled. There's also the option for auto rotation, which I'd have enabled, too. If the scanner was flawless in matching my expectations, the PDF scan would be perfect: all blank pages ignored and landscape sheets oriented properly in the scan. However, the reality is that sometimes adjustments are required. In this case, maybe a few of the blank pages have stray marks that the scanner interprets as a non-blank page and some of the landscape images aren't recognized and correctly properly. I should note that I do NOT expect the software to be flawless in this regard and fully expect some manual adjustments like this after any scan. So here's my "problem": On a Mac, once the PDF shows up in the Evernote client, the only way that I know of to make adjustments (delete the blank pages and rotate a few pages) is to open the PDF in Preview, make the changes, then save the file. I used to do this, and it works. However, when I was able to scan multiple-pages into a single note in JPG format, I could accomplish those changes by editing the note directly in the Evernote client. So I am talking about an extra step (opening and processing in Preview) that takes me and my computer extra time. Poor me, right? LOL I just got used to the convenience of the JPG scans. But you make excellent points about the differences between JPG and PDF. I really appreciate any further comments/ideas you might have! I am really not upset by any of this, just trying to re-establish a workflow that meets my needs. Also, I like talking about these things with fellow enthusiasts. And thank you for the tip on the new 64-bit version of the ScanSnap Manager, which I will hold off on for now, as you suggested.
  7. OK, so I knew things were going to be different going into this, so that's all fine. I went through the process of updating the firmware, making my SnanSnap EN Edition into a ScanSnap ix500. The process went pretty smoothly. So far, I have skipped the step of scanning to the ScanSnap Cloud because I really only want to use the scanner with Evernote. I created a "profile" for Evernote, adjusted the settings, and it seems to be working as advertised. The default workflow I utilized before upgrading to Catalina was to use the ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition software (formal name) to select the type of document (never felt like I could trust the auto detect), then hit the button on the scanner to scan. 95% of my scans were as documents (not receipts, photos, etc.) and I settled on preferring the JPG version over PDF for the simple reason that making quick adjustments after a scan (namely, rotating misaligned pages and deleting unwanted pages) was far, far easier for JPG vs. PDF in the Mac Evernote client; those functions could be accomplished directly in the client without opening the file in another application, like Preview. As far as I can tell right now, there is no way to reproduce this workflow because the new (to me) ScanSnap Home software creates separate notes when JPG is chosen as the file type. So my question is this: Is there any way/workaround for me to regain my preferred workflow functionality? I guess merging notes once they are scanned is one option, but the Mac client is not very good at doing that in a predictable way. Oh yeah, one more related question (that I think I already know the unfortunate answer to, also): Is there a way to have scans of different types (documents, receipts, etc.) automatically routed to specified notebooks in Evernote, which was a feature of the old software? Thanks in advance for your responses and ideas!
  8. Oh, and thank you for the confirmation, @Shane D.
  9. I agree with @Zhiroc that the initial survey was very professional, polished, etc. @Zhiroc, do you also agree that the copy included in the surveys is sloppy, with lots of typos and grammatical mistakes? Even the email I posted above needs some tweaks to the wording and punctuation. It's these little things that tip me off to illegitimate messages (phishing attempts, spam, etc.), which is what led me to my initial search that led me to this thread. In general, I'd say the level of professionalism I am associating with icanmakeitbetter is a far cry from what I expect from Evernote itself. Just saying. I'm still interested and willing in participating, but overall I'd feel better about the whole thing if it were cleaner and clearer.
  10. Just got the following email from icanmakeitbetter: Imagine Insights and Evernote Community - Don't miss out on our raffles! Provide Feedback: Space in your heart We have a new acitivity "Space in my heart" for you. In this acitivity, we want to learn more about what websites and apps are helping you stay organzied. Remember, this week we have 2 raffles, if you participate in all 5 activities this week : -100 - $10 Amazon Gift Cards - 10 - $100 Amazon Gift Cards Don't miss out! Amelia LINK: https://imagineinsights.icanmakeitbetter.com/survey/responses/5a2b60fc37fddd004d076981?token_id=5a31426c14b9fa000358eef8
  11. @Shane D.Did you find out anything useful?
  12. I have had the same exact experience as Zhiroc with the same exact communication via email. I have completed the surveys I got from icanmakeitbetter, being careful not to disclose any personal information. @DTLow The original email with link to the survey came from team@emails.evernote.com, which I have received many messages from since about a year ago and there is nothing about them that makes me think they're not legitimate. At the conclusion of the initial survey, I remember an info screen saying that the next step would be that I'd hear from someone at icanmakeitbetter and to add the email address to my address book so email wouldn't go to my junk folder. That's why I think there's a link between the two. I have to say that the surveys from icanmakeitbetter are much less professional than what I'd expect from Evernote (many typos, vague/conflicting directions, etc.) I am very curious to learn if there is something amiss here.
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