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  1. Actually I'm just starting a blog but have written some articles and drafts before and writing these articles in evernote is not a good experience for me. I want to use jekyll or octopress for my blog, as my homepage is build with it too, and therefore markdown would be perfekt. Oh and with that I just have another suggestion that would fit perfectly for that need: github sync :-)
  2. Hi, I just discovered marxico yesterday when I was looking for better ways of writing development blog post but still having all in evernote. Marxico looks very great so far! Some things I would like to ask: At the moment marxico does not allow editing in evernote and I understand that syncing changes back is difficult. But are you considering to try such a two way synchronisation? I know I can just copy the content of the note and then edit it, but somehow I dont really like the idea of having content in my evernote that can’t be edited, e.g. when sometime in the future marxico might not be
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