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  1. Actually I'm just starting a blog but have written some articles and drafts before and writing these articles in evernote is not a good experience for me. I want to use jekyll or octopress for my blog, as my homepage is build with it too, and therefore markdown would be perfekt. Oh and with that I just have another suggestion that would fit perfectly for that need: github sync :-)
  2. Hi, I just discovered marxico yesterday when I was looking for better ways of writing development blog post but still having all in evernote. Marxico looks very great so far! Some things I would like to ask: At the moment marxico does not allow editing in evernote and I understand that syncing changes back is difficult. But are you considering to try such a two way synchronisation? I know I can just copy the content of the note and then edit it, but somehow I dont really like the idea of having content in my evernote that can’t be edited, e.g. when sometime in the future marxico might not be available again. Also in regards to the first point I would really like to see a dropbox sync. That would allow you to always access your plain markdown files and for example edit them offline on an iPad. It also would allow combining marxico with other applications that offer dropbox sync. When writing source code directly in marxico the automatic indentation could behave better. Lets say I write something like this:return { test: function () {<cursor>} }So my cursor is on the position indicated (because the second curly brace was nicely auto completed). When I now press enter the identation of the second curly brace is correct, but when I now press enter a second time to create a new line between the function head and end the second curly brace will move all to the front so I have to indent it manually again. It is kind of hard to explain but I hope you got what I meant. Other than that I’m currently very impressed and will try marxico the next days.
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