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  1. bring back quick picture widget please!!! Create a new widget like the one from the app "easy voice recorder", a press to record audio note widget: as long as you press the icon you keep recording the note and when you stop pressing the widget it creates automatically a new audio note!!! it's really efficient when you want to quickly record ideas on the go!!!
  2. Having a calendar view of the notes would be awesome!!! more usefull than the existing map view....
  3. It would be great to clip multiple parts off web pages within one clip creating then only one note.... instead on merging them thru evernote app afterward.
  4. Hello, i am using excel and i want to create links between cells (via hyperlink or other?) and a specific note on evernote!!! When i do it on excel the link points to the note into the web version of evernote!!! I want it to point to my local evernote!!! Is there a way to do it? Do each note has a specific name or local adress you can point to? Thanks for your help!!! Best regards from France. Remixk "Evernote lover"
  5. Hello, My wishlist would be that when drag and dropping an image from the web directly over an existing note on evernote, it adds it to the note instead of creating a new one.... Also when using the capture tool to select a part of the screen in a browser, it would be nice to have also the link to that page added automatically into that note.... And last wish, having a calendar view of the note created in evernote linked with gmail account calendar would permit us to visually link our notes to events in life... it would be much more useful than the map view.... Does-it sound good ideas? Remy from France (sorry for my english)
  6. Hello, Manuscrit notes as well as recording audio while taking notes (cf HTC flyer note app: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ewey0qol_8U) Evernote releasing is own notebook tablet ( like the : http://www.noteslate.com/)
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