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  1. I forgot one action. It is actually 4 actions in the current setup, not 3. This is for Evernote on an iPad mini running iOS 8.1.3. Current Way to Access a Shortcut 1. Tap to open Evernote 2. Tap the elephant icon at the top left 3. Tap/Swipe shortcuts 4. Tap the shortcut needed Desired Way to Open Shortcut 1. Tap Evernote shortcut icon on iOS homescreen OR 1. Swipe down at top of screen 2. Tap shortcut within Evernote widget
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. The shortcut on the Evernote home screen was the one I was referring to that takes 3 clicks. If there was a way to have one on the iOS home screen, it would take 1 click. Something similar to the safari browsers add to home screen option. Or even the ability to see shortcuts in the widget area would take it down to a swipe and click. It may be a limitation of iOS. I'm not a programmer, so I have no clue.
  3. It would be awesome to access notebooks, notes, and shortcuts through an icon on the home screen, but I am pretty sure there is no way to do it at this time. If anybody knows a workaround, I would love to know it as well. Using this feature would cut the load time for accessing my shortcuts by more than 50% and reduce 3 clicks down to just 1.
  4. Do share on those workarounds jbenson2 if you find anything worthwhile. It looks like I'm going to be better off using date tags for my GTD ticklers rather than use the built-in reminders.
  5. I'm with you on this Jeffrey. I was thrilled with reminders at first, but without a way to hide notes with reminders, it's almost not worth the trouble. I continually have to review through folders of items that already have assigned due dates along with my other notes. Chris M. shares our frustration: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Tickler-File-What-I-had-2328651.S.244081013. If reminded notes could either (1) be faded or totally hidden in snippet/thumbnail view or (2) an additional column that for reminders is added to the list view, I would be a very happy man. On a side note, I did find out Zapier can add new Evernote notes with reminders when triggered by new events in Google Calendar. Both share the start date for the Google Calendar event. This also gives the ability to send any repeating event as a note to Evernote. This may be the best option until Evernote comes out with repeating reminders. Granted, I'm not using this because I think it is silly to have to weed through notes with reminders along with my other notes, but the ability to do this is there if someone wants to use it. And yes I know I can use a search to filter reminders, but I need my projects in folders so their notes can be shared when needed. Using tags for projects would let me do custom searches, but would make it much more difficult to collaborate.
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