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  1. I love EverNote and think it's a remarkable product, but HATE the buggy editor! Everytime I try to do any sort of mild formatting (indenting, bullets, etc.), the formatting gets trashed shortly after. This is especially true if editing the note on multiple platforms (Windows PC, Android, website, etc.), defeating the idea of having your notes on all devices. Steps to Reproduce Problem: 1. Open up the EverNote Windows PC application 2. Create a new note containing checkboxes and multiple indent levels (like a multi-level to-do list) 3. Sync the note 4. Open EverNote on an Android phone and sync 5. Open the note created above -- it looks fine, as it did in Windows 6. Edit the note -- indents are replaced by a thin vertical blue line 7. Make a change to the note and save -- indenting is all messed up with skipped lines, etc. 8. Edit the note again -- checkboxes are now gone too See attached screenshots. This is horrible! I would love to be able to trust EverNote, but these sort of bugs makes it very untrustworthy, as I'm affraid that I'll lose content. Is EverNote ever going to fix this?
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