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  1. I too am getting the "stuck" plugin problem. I'm using Clip to Evernote and Chrome 11.0.696.50 Problem started a few days ago (approx 18-19 April). Evernote clipper says it's clipping fine, it adds the little yellow counter to the icon, and that's it. Then if I clip another page, it increments the counter up by one, and that's it... nothing gets clipped. I've uninstalled, and re-installed the plugin, and that got rid of the 9 pages waiting to be clipped, and reset the counter to zero, but now I still cannot clip anything to Evernote... the same error... well actually there IS no "error" message as such... it just gets stuck, and clipped articles backup on the counter. When I uninstall and re-install the plugin, it still shows me logged in with my user details.. all my settings are retained... is there a way to completely un-install the plugin, user-profile and all... so I can try starting from scratch, re-entering my details, adjusting my settings etc... maybe that might help ? Don't make me change back to Firefox... pleeeease...
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