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  1. Just adding a +1 to make sure this gets addressed since it's been close to a year now...
  2. It would be great if: 1) thumbnails showed the actual entire image, not just a square crop of the image - it makes it harder to tell from the thumbnail what the image is. Just do it like Mac Finder. 2) user could change the size of the thumbnails using a slider (again, like Mac OS) 3) user could hit the space bar (or similar) to quickly preview an image full-size, then hit escape to return to the thumbnail grid (again, like Mac OS Finder window in icon view) 4) the window didn't resize itself every time an image was opened, based on the size of that particular image - this is weird and annoying, especially since when returning to the thumbnail grid, the layout changes so the user loses their place / context because everything has shifted around If these things can't be improved, then it would be nice to be able to just right-click and choose "View in Finder" and browse all the images that way. thanks.
  3. I'm surprised no one else has replied to this - it has bothered me forever! You maximize the window. You open or capture an image - and the app resizes the window. What other app does this?! It's bonkers. It's most frustrating when going back and forth from the thumbnail grid (library, I guess it would be called? - there is no name for it, just an icon with 4 squares) to an image and back again. Fortunately I use an app called Moom that lets me use a keyboard shortcut to quickly re-maximize the window again - if not for this, I might have stopped using Skitch altogether by now due to this one annoying "feature" (bug). thanks
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