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  1. A much needed...and LONG OVERDUE feature!
  2. Sometimes Evernote Web Clipper for Safari (currently, v6.9) works...and sometimes it does not. Very frustrating. Here's an example: http://swagger.io/go-serverless-with-swaggerhub-and-amazon/ Evernote Mavens...any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Dear Evernote Product Manager(s), Please accept this request to provide a quick & easy way to manually order (sequence) EN cards in Expanded Card View (ideally, within a single, selected EN-Notebook). Use Case? Think of a novelist or screenwriter...using EN in place of moving 5x8 index cards around on a wall. For example: Finally figure out how to set up--and hide until the last instant--the reversal? Jot down an EN note and move it into place.Great idea to reveal a character's flaw? EN and shuffle scenes.Realize that the antagonist should have the mirror of the hero's flaw? EN and shuffle again.Discover a brilliant way to bridge unrelated scenes? EN and move cards around to retain the story's spine.Throw everything out in despair and change your political-spy-thriller into a chick-flick? EN with lots-and-lots of sequencing.Wake up the next day and wonder what you were thinking...you're not a rom-com author...and restore what you've laid out? EN.Add murder mystery sub-plot and re-sequence with EN.When using "cards" to design a story, a key to success is the ability to add, delete and change them--which is something Evernote does very, very well. HOWEVER, an ESSENTIAL story design function is the ability to shuffle, move, re-shuffle, order, re-order, re-re-re-re-re-order (did I mention...re-ordering?) the cards. I just realized that I don't use EN to design my stories because there's (currently) no way (or...no way I can find reading the docs) to change the sequence of cards in Expanded Card View. It would be AWESOME if writers could use EN to fiddle with the sequence of a story's design. Please add this function to EN's Product Roadmap. Any other writers see this as a benefit? If so, please let the fine folks at Evernote know...sound off below!Thanks, Plane Wryter
  4. Automator + Evernote Mavens, Do you have, and would you be willing to post, a Mac OS X Automator Script that addresses the following use-case (story card)? As a Mac Mail User, while viewing a specific Email, I would like to have the ability to click on a button in the Mac Mail Toolbar which automatically creates a "Forward" Email to send the selected Email to my Evernote Account . . . AND strips out of the "Forward" my signature block . . . THEN sends the Email via Mac Mail to EN. Your thoughts? FYI: The next Automator script I work on...will be my first, ever (note; ha!). Many, many thanks! Plane Wrtyer
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