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  1. Will there be a status page that monitors the migration?
  2. I have been using NixNote2 ..... I'm looking at Tantalus - Electron based Client for Evernote. I think this is the future I'm looking for alternatives, but I would love to keep using Evernote.
  3. On Evernote 5 for Android ... Actions on multiple notes ... example add a tags to these selected notes, Regarding Evernote on Linux .... Well Phil said on Triangulation that Evernote prefer's that if people want a client for a Platform and the Platform is Open they(assuming Evernote) would like the client to be open, I have tested the initial Alpha's of NixNote2 but it's still going to be awhile. I believe that the Evernote as a Browser app(HTML 5) could be better.
  4. Hi there, I have a very weird bug, I have a loads of notes with pdf attachments, however Evernote is not displaying the PDF, however I can right click on the note and save the attachment, if status bar also displays that there is a PDF, does it have something to do with the view ... that 'n note with a body does not display attachments? (I have enabled to PDF's to display as attachments ) Is there a way of showing all attachments in the "Show Note Info" view Karl
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