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  1. I am an Evernote Pro user since early days of Evernote. I am using both Mac OS and Linux and it's a shame that Evernote is not providing a client for LINUX. I am sure there is a business case. I'll migrate to 100% LINUX next year and that will be the moment in time, when I'll have to say goodbye to Evernote if nothing happens. A pity, the company's management seems to try to learn it the hard way, how to loose loyal and paying customers and loosing them for good.
  2. Hi everyone, apologies, but how can I make this happen on a Mac. I could not find any registry files. @ /Peter: I checked plist's in Library and in the Evernote container folder but found no relevant references. Any help is highly appreciated. @ all: this feature would be really great! I often work on a couple of projects and would love to duplicate tags to keep my notes properly referenced
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