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  1. I always wondered why people posted that they have had enough (of Evernote) and are switching to some other app. Why bother, just go with that other app. But I think now I get the point.
  2. Placing the cursor in an existing note to edit text seems a bit erratic, particularly using press and hold magnification. Taping on text to edit it seems to relocate the editing location to the top margin of the note frame ... hope this is not a new feature.
  3. I have found any sort order other than modification date is less than rewarding. And this works well to find my current day note as long as no other journal day notes have been modified, and since I use prior day noted to add relevant updates, that is often not the case. In any event, accessing with a shortcut is one step, opening a list, finding the note and opening the note, more. That the modified date sort order places current and new notes at the top, I know where to look to find them...this is my point in having shortcuts conform to that convention. So maybe my feature request is to have shortcuts added to the list based on the selected note sorting selection.
  4. Thanks for your comment. To me the Shortcut actually provides a shortcut to my current day’s note which I access throughout the day. Yes I can access a list of all my journal notes to locate the current note but have yet to find a way to sort that list in reverse text order so that the current day note is always at the top of that list, the date being part of the notes title.
  5. I would appreciate it if when adding a note to the Shortcut List, particularly in iOS, that shortcut is added to the top of the list rather than the bottom. This would be particularly useful for “note a day journaling” as it would arrange shortcuts in order, the most current (today’s) at the top (and visible in a longer list) without having to edit the list and drag it to the top. A related but less essential request would be to allow the re-arrangement of shortcuts in the list without having to first put the list into an edit mode.
  6. No I don’t. Markdown being both actual and metaphor for aspects that could be added that would move EVERNOTE toward having a robust editor. Presumably the purpose for current improvements to Tables. In my view, what can be accomplished within a note is becoming the primary factor in my choice of a Note application.
  7. For me, Markdown is a metaphor for a robust editor that serves a wide range of users (uses), which is sort of how I view Evernote as a product. As for what most users know about markdown (or any existing aspect of Evernote), any product that doesn’t offer users an expanding set of tools to help them expand the value they can create likely has a limited shelf life.
  8. Have not had the EN crash issue (iPad Pro 10.5) using iOS public beta but have not been able to access any notes through Private links...they open in Safari and stop, but same configuration on iPad Mini 4 opens same notes through same public links. .... tech support response, “Evernote is not ready for iOS 11 since it was not launched. If you still experience issues with Evernote when the alpha version of iOS 11 launches, please reach out to us. Meanwhile we cannot support Evernote app on a Beta version.” ...I guess that’s why I pay the big bucks!
  9. iOS ver 8.2.1 seems performance improved. My issue (complaint/suggestion) has to do with the note text size (and colour) selection. I think the default text size should be medium (why small?) I edit (add text or past a link) to existing notes often and if I want to use other than the default text size I seem to have to reset the size and colour each time I do that. Ideally, each note should retained its own text size and colour based on the last entered line of text, even better would be to also allow a default selection setting on each device (for me, small is better on the iPhone, medium on the iPad)
  10. I like most of the new design as well. On my iOS devices notes that have not been synced have a green dog-ear with an arrow. I don't have to navigate to the setting menu to force a sync, I just have to drag my finger downward on the note or a list of notes.
  11. Wait! What? Has EN stated that reminders will be eliminated?
  12. I have iPhone 7 and all you mention found here too, and on iPad Mini 4
  13. Also note that adding a saved search to shortcuts does not save that search to the shortcuts list --- that list remains static at 7, but hay they can be re-arranged!
  14. Shortcut list now cut short. Or, so far, does not sync with MACOS shortcut list.
  15. Would be very nice if notes could also be sorted either ascendingly or descendingly. And very nice if that sort type and order could be saved as a component of a saved search.
  16. Not quite this bad but I am seeing a typing lag or sponginess. Clearing the cash seemed to help for a short while. Have occasionally noticed slow response in note access as well (iPad mini 4)
  17. So I've been browsing through the feature requests and not to many asking for machine learning technology (whatever that is), a wide range from improvements to note editing to better/easier encryption though.
  18. I agree, hopefully closing the functionality gaps between Evernote for MACOS and for iOS is a priority.
  19. A quick work around is to use a date in the note title, for example I use format yy.mm.dd in the title of each of my daily Journal notes. That date can be searched (intitle:16.07.31 or intitle:16.07) and changed relatively easily as well..
  20. 10:10pm A time stamp in iOS would be most appreciated and I think of use to anyone who might want to use Evernote as a "note per diem" Journal or to tracks daily details.
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