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  1. I installed 6.0.12 on FF 36.0.4 on Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) and no button as well, sure I tried to customize toolbar, but can't even see the evernote icon in the available shortcuts.



    Well... i installed 6.0.11 and it seems it doesnt work at all. I dont see any button or context menu entry which triggers Web Clipper...


    running on FF 38.0a2

  2. Latest beta causes Firefox to become unresponsive. Firefox 34.


    Same here, completely unusavle under MacOSX Yosemite...



    We generally do not give out dates but I can assure you this is one of our priorities. 


    So far the longest beta I've ever tested.... Maybe 2015 will bring us the latest evernote webclipper. Hopefully

  3. For me:


    First of all, great work, nice to be in the same chrom* level.


    I ran into multiple "No internet connectriobn" most of the time when running the ff plugin from my linux machine at work behind a webproxy. Maybe this is the reason but it's quite anoying, browsing the web and the clipper saying that you're not connected...


    As gaz, i'm missing the option to customize the simplified view with my own css, remember the old 4 big buttons to change the clipper rendering ;-)


    Also, can stack can be collapsible in the notebook selector?



    Just my 2 cent. Any update planned that we need to apply?



  4. [...]

    This is not just me being mean about disk space - while my Evernote account is protected, as are some of my attachments, that folder is currently in the clear on my hard drive and open to casual viewing if anyone gets that nosy..


    I completely agree, there should have a button to clear that folder or to clear it regularly and at least, empty the folder when you log out from evernote desktop, that doesn't happpen like this, I think there is a known security leak. How can we report that?

  5. Hye everybody, Just received my new and first mac machine MBP retina with Mac OS 10.8.2 installed. I can't make the app working. I uninstalled and installed it, nothing when I click show skitch, nothing happens, just the dong (bug) sound. I'm reaaly new to mac, so I can perform some tests if you drive me to.

    Thanks for your help.

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