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  1. Should be notified, it's a regression. At least put your answer in the bullet that appear when attempting to add quick note or use the screenshot capture. It should be fine to read "it's comming in a few updates to make it even better".
  2. Nothing to add,a perfect summarise of my feelings. Cross platform means also linux.
  3. As evernote recentered his development on a narrowed application span, maybe they will be able to finally develop a native evernote native linux desktop application. Hopefully, 2016 will bring this gift to us. Maybe we can ask at least for a big survey managed and send by evernote itself.
  4. No it seems to be OK now but as you can see it was back in november 2014.
  5. Everything is in the subject, when I edit a note on the new web beta version, the title disappear, really anoying.
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