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  1. Nothing to add,a perfect summarise of my feelings. Cross platform means also linux.
  2. As evernote recentered his development on a narrowed application span, maybe they will be able to finally develop a native evernote native linux desktop application. Hopefully, 2016 will bring this gift to us. Maybe we can ask at least for a big survey managed and send by evernote itself.
  3. Maybe we can have hope: https://github.com/jetpack-labs/chrome-tailor
  4. I installed 6.0.12 on FF 36.0.4 on Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) and no button as well, sure I tried to customize toolbar, but can't even see the evernote icon in the available shortcuts.
  5. Someone told at the Evernote support that it has been submitted to the mozilla company for review. So now we just have to wait for mozilla.
  6. No it seems to be OK now but as you can see it was back in november 2014.
  7. Same here, completely unusavle under MacOSX Yosemite... So far the longest beta I've ever tested.... Maybe 2015 will bring us the latest evernote webclipper. Hopefully
  8. Hye, Before, when using the webversion, when starting a line with a tick box, hitting enter gave me another line with a tick box at the beginning, why this has been removed from the current beta web version?! Thanks
  9. Everything is in the subject, when I edit a note on the new web beta version, the title disappear, really anoying.
  10. For me: First of all, great work, nice to be in the same chrom* level. I ran into multiple "No internet connectriobn" most of the time when running the ff plugin from my linux machine at work behind a webproxy. Maybe this is the reason but it's quite anoying, browsing the web and the clipper saying that you're not connected... As gaz, i'm missing the option to customize the simplified view with my own css, remember the old 4 big buttons to change the clipper rendering ;-) Also, can stack can be collapsible in the notebook selector? Just my 2 cent. Any update planned that we need to apply? Cheers
  11. Priorities? Look at the date... More than 4 months, just say that you wont support firefox in the future? All browsers versions should be available at the same time for me. Hope to see it someday.
  12. I can't go through the autorization process... Any tips or tricks to help me test this good app?!
  13. Back to the problem. Symptoms? Just what CEO (what a username?! ;-) said. Any ETA for an update?
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