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  1. I found out about this from friends who know I use Evernote for everything; no email, I don't do Twitter, and haven't been on facebook in a couple of days. Changed my password on the web, no problem. Changed it on my windows machines, no problem. Android devices refused to sync, and did not offer "authentication error" to allow a new password entry. They just informed me that "sync failed"... so in a fit of frustration I just logged out, even knowing that I have thousands of notes stored locally.... This is really frustrating =/ In the end my android tablet crashed. After a paperclip reset, I did receive the "authentication error" and was able to enter my new password easily - but that option was not available earlier, before I "logged out" and erased everything local. Good thing this didn't happen a few weeks ago when I was out of town and using someone else's metered connection! All this frustration is worthwhile if my data remains safe, and I do appreciate the quick response from the Evernote team. Just posting my experience.
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