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  1. I have had the same problem multiple times, occasionally with significant loss, though rarely bad enough to motivate me for an hours long encounter with the support process. I dont' want support. I want an app that "just works"! I just had the same problem with my Mac client version of the Evernote v.2.0.5. I use the latest versions on both platforms at all times. So the fixes are NOT working. A very simple fix would be to separate the "Save" function from the "Close" function, and then put in an automatic process that saves periodically, as for example in Google Mail. It is very annoying to have to close the window to save, in any case. C'mon guys; you are going to blow your lead in this niche if you don't get on top of this problem! NB: Thinking on this a bit, it appears that hitting the sync button while editing, syncs the server to the last *saved* version of the note being edited, rather than to the current version. This is a vile trap to set for the user, particularly when you don't give the user control of the "save" function!!!
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