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  1. Is it possible to export an evernote presentation into a power-point or keynote ?Sometimes I have no choice and need to provide a presentation in a specific format. One (lengthy) way is to first export into PDF and import back into keynote, but it is time-connuming and also part of the formatting sometimes is lost. It would be great to prepare (and test) quickly a presentation in full-screen presentation mode inside Evernote and then export them !Thank you, Simone
  2. I'm using successfully email links from evernote in iOS. The only caveat is that this works only with recent email messages, since iOS just holds a limited amount of messages. Here is the applescript I use to create email links. The procedure is to select an evernote Note, then select an e-mail message in Mail, next run the script. set _links to {} set _Titles to {} set _dates to {} tell application "Mail" set _sel to get selection repeat with _msg in _sel set _messageURL to "message:\\%3c" & _msg's message id & "%3e" set end of _links to _messageURL set myTitle to the subject of _msg set end of _Titles to myTitle set theDate to date received of _msg set theString to ((time string of theDate) & " " & (day of theDate) as string) & " " & (month of theDate) as string set theAuthor to sender of _msg set theString to theString & " - " & theAuthor & " - " set end of _dates to theString end repeat set AppleScript's text item delimiters to return set the clipboard to (_links as string) end tell tell application "Evernote" activate try set theNotes to selection repeat with thisNote in theNotes set theHTML to HTML content of thisNote repeat with n from 1 to count of _links set _messageURL to item n of _links set theTitle to item n of _Titles set theDate to item n of _dates -- append thisNote html "<div><b><a href=" & _messageURL & ">" & theTitle & "</a></b></div>" set theHTML to "<div><b>" & theDate & " <a href=" & _messageURL & ">" & theTitle & "</a></b></div>" & theHTML set HTML content of thisNote to theHTML end repeat end repeat end try end tell
  3. It works using the following procedure. 1) keep one Text Edit window open 2) drag the email message into TextEdit window. It will create a link to the email message 3) inside textedit right-click on the link and "copy link" 4) paste the link into Evernote.
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