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  1. Hmm, "Weißbrot" is literally translated into "white bread", "Weizenbrot" should be correct However, this "compound" problem is well known in natural language processing, and there are also algorithms to solve it. E.g. it should be possible to split such words into their components and then use these components as additional keys for indexing (e.g. see http://www.slidefinder.net/s/splitter_g ... le/8380631).
  2. Hi, just a comment from a German user: This behaviour is maybe not that good for English, for German it is MUCH worse! Since German uses a lot of compound words, the search for notes containing small "general" words becomes a mess. Example: I added a note for a recipe for wheat bread, this word (like many many other words) is combined in German to one word "Weizenbrot" (wheatbread) .... (database is filled) ... now I want to bake some bread, but the search for "bread" would fail, I have to search for "wheatbread" to find the recipe .... same for a lot of other words in my language bad luck, eh? Regards, Klaus.
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