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  1. Some of my notes have images that cannot be resized. Instead of being able to grab the corners I get a magnifying glass. Very inconsistent. Behavior. Also having lots of issues with images not being able to be edited and saved when opening externally in preview. It used to work fine. :-(
  2. Downloaded 7.10 beta and still having copy/paste issues. Paste by command V does not work but paste and match style by the menu does work...... Pretty frustrating.
  3. I totally agree with those who feel that 250 is too small for a Premium paid account. I have a small university research lab and its very important to create folders based on different levels of access. I have used Evernote Premium for as long as I can remember an now that I'm up against that 250 notebook limit it is severely impacting teh way we share information. Tags are confusing and not an option especially since it doesn't lend itself to different levels of access. MS Onenote has no such limits and unfortunately if I can't add more notebooks I will have to switch over to that until evernote management addresses this. Kind of sad that the Evernote Premium account has become a second class citizen and offers less value than free Onenote
  4. Thanks for all the input. I think the user search interface could be greatly improved as JMIchael pointed out. His suggestions are spot on. I really don't want to have to go back to the support forum reference to a remember a specific operator. The operators are nice to know and I'm glad I know where to find them, however, but its not ideal. Also, even with the link that was provided by grumpy monkey (thanks by the way!) it still took me a few minutes to figure out. For example when I typed 'intitle: differentiation' than if I typed 'in title:differentiation'. The only difference between the two is a space in the one that didn't work well which really wasn't so obvious. Its not a huge deal but was a little annoying to figure out just what evernote wanted me to enter. That it doesn't work is partially a reflection of me not knowing what to do but if I have trouble then others are probably also having trouble. A 'smarter' operator set would be much appreciated for newbies and it shouldn't take so long to figure out. It should be intuitive from the start.
  5. Hello, As my evernote collections have quickly grown I find myself struggling to find notes that I've created. One feature that I really like in a terrific program called Papers (http://www.mekentosj.com/) is the ability to search by keywords, authors, etc. Basically the interface for evernote would be the same except that the search bar would have a small drop down triangle ( kin of like safari) that would allow to refine the search criteria. I can't understate how useful this feature is, especially as your digital collection grows and grows and grows. I've attached a screenshot to illustrate this feature. If you could get that up and going by next week that would be great :-).
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