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  1. Hi!


    I'm a free Evernote user with a Samsung Galaxy S3 (not rooted) and Evernote is eating all the space in the internal memory (sdcard) with the database, what can I do?

    Thanks in advance.





    PLEASE tell me how you did this! I too have an S3 (Verizon, rooted) and am using the free version to store only 1/2 MB of miscellaneous but semi-confidential information (license plate numbers, drivers license numbers, frequent flyer numbers, etc). All of my 'stuff' is going to the SD Card on the S3. This is a MAJOR concern to me (and it should be to others) since Evernote on Android JB stores the data as ENGLISH TEXT! So even if you lock your phone (which I do), anyone who gets their hand on the phone can just pop out the SD Card, plug it into a computer and read the information of every saved card!


    I have just stopped using it -- deleting it from my phone and manually deleting all the files. I was blown away that the data was just text.


    Any way, could you please tell me what version of Evernote you have? I have (had) the newest one that I just downloaded from the Play Store. Maybe the older versions did not force data onto the SD Card.


    Thank you.




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