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  1. In the newer versions of Evernote Mac, opening a note from the Shortcut List, hides the Notes List View. This is a very unwelcome behavior. I often want to see other notes around the one selected and can't find any way to open this view with the note selected. Is there a setting or shortcut to get it back?
  2. OK. Thanks. Now there is this exta step of telling EN that you want all pages.
  3. When I try to drag a multi-page pdf onto Evernote for Mac 10.3.7, only the fist page is transferred. Always worked until the latest upgrade.
  4. Frankly, I don't see what all of the fuss is about. You don't seem to have addressed any of the issues that are important to me (and many others): No ability to control line spacing No ability to highlight pdf's No ability to specify the order of merged notes No ability to create an actual outline (I, a, 1. ii, etc.) No ability to add a bookmark to a document No way to export a note as a pdf.
  5. I am having issues with Evernote for Mac. When I log in to my web account and click on Help, it takes me to a screen that says I've been logged out. Going around in circles. I am a premium user and am not able to get to help.
  6. Suddenly, there are no thumbnails in EN for Mac is either Card view or Expanded Card view. I can see all of my notes in List or Snippet views. This occurred simultaneously on both of my iMacs, but the thumbnails still show up on my Macbook. One iMac is running OSX 10.13.6. The other iMac and the Macbook are on OSX 10.14.3
  7. There used to be an icon to clip a gmail attachment in Chrome to Evernote. It is no longer there. The only way to save attachments seems to be to download them first. (Note that I don't want to clip the email itself, only the attachments)
  8. I routinely use Shift+Enter to insert blank lines in a bulleted list (since Evernote refuses to add this much requested feature). After the most recent update, that no longer works. It does insert a blank line but, as soon as you press Return for the next bullet, the formatting is removed FROM THE PREVIOUS LINE.
  9. Thanks, Dave. I see how that could work. Evernote sure doesn't make things easy.
  10. Thanks, gathering them together isn't a problem. But is there any way to print multiple notes to the same pdf?
  11. I have created a Master Note with Table of Contents Links to multiple separate notes and would like to print or export the entire thing. I can't see any way to accomplish this. Currently, I save each note individually as a pdf then merge all of the pdfs using Preview, etc. and, finally, save or print that. So much effort for something that should be the perfect sweet spot for EverNote. Am I missing anything?
  12. Yes, they're fine when I click on the Notes Icon. Thanks.
  13. Here is a screenshot of what I mean. The notebooks are sorted in some random order. Even the Inbox is buried somewhere in the middle of the list.
  14. Is there any rhyme or reason for the sort order when selecting offline notebooks to sync? On my devices I don't think it could be any more random. Really a nuisance, unless I'm missing something.
  15. I notice that there is a "Save PDF to Evernote" button within Gmail on a Chrome browser. But the button only seems to appear if you first click on Print when viewing an attachment. Then you need to cancel out of printing before you are able to click on the Save to Evernote Button. Is there any way to access this feature without having to first print and cancel?
  16. The results from sharing a website or post using Share via Evernote are unusable most of the time. A shared webpage will come over with font so large there are only three or four words per line, the formatting will be garbled, it will not include everything, or too much. On the other hand, sending to Get Pocket is BEAUTIFUL and ACCURATE 99% of the time. Come on Evernote! What is wrong here? You certainly can't blame iOS or Apple or anything else when others produce such great results. Attached are are screenshots of a LinkedIn post shared via Evernote and Pocket. Judge for yourself.
  17. I have been using Pocket to clip articles and, from there, share to Evernote. Pocket's clipping is far more elegant and accurate than EN's. But lately I've noticed that Pocket only sends the link to EN, not the full clipping (iOS). Anyone else experiencing something different?
  18. On the Mac, the order the notes were modified no longer matters. I have two notes and have updated them so that they are in one order then the other and it makes absolutely no difference. The merger order is always the same (and wrong!)I am using EN ^.10 and have spent more than an hour simply trying to figure this out. Evernote, is anyone home??
  19. Thanks for you reply. I'm familiar with what you are referring to. First, yes you can expand the thumbnail to full width in landscape mode and scroll up and down - within a single page. But, if you want to go to the next one, you need to click on it, then expand it, then the next one, etc. For a multi-page document, that is not at all convenient. And as for, highlighting you are talking about is what Evernote refers to as "annotation" It essentially creates another layer and lets you draw on it. If you can draw a really straight line with your finger you can sort of highlight or underline something. But, unlike all of the other apps I know of, it doesn't recognize words. You can't select a word, string, paragraph, etc., and actually highlight the words. Other apps even go so far as to create a separate view of all of your highlights, so you can see a summary of the document. For an app whose essential purpose is taking, storing and organizing notes, it is sorely lacking on iOS devices.
  20. Yes, it does recognize and trim the edges. The problem is that, in a multi page scan, the pages can end up being different sizes.
  21. There are many things to love about Scannable. I use it to copy handwritten pages from my notebook with my iPhone and turn them into searchable pdf's. It's amazingly good at recognizing my poor handwriting. But no matter how carefully I try to maintain a constant height about above the notebook, the widths and sizes of the scanned pages are all over the place. It would be so useful if it would recognize that all of them should be the same. Does anyone have a suggestion. I guess I could rig up some kind of s stand, but that seems like it should be unnecessary.
  22. After all of the updates, it's mind boggling how lame Evernote continues to be on iOS. Still no ability to highlight a PDF document, something that is commonplace on virtually every other reader or note app (yes, you can draw a squiggly line on a document, but not actually highlight text) landscape view of pdf's is unuseable. It shows a miniature portrait view of the document instead of a vertically scrolling, full width view no ability to use TextExpander or similar app Tables virtually unuseable since you can't add rows or modify them and, of course, the other shortcomings are magnified on iOS no book marking so reading long docs is not practical no outlining mode - only all numbers or bullets, no a), ii) etc. no ability to control line spacing no search and replace can't search for symbol strings, like @@ etc. Super frustrating.
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