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  1. I feel for you man. For a while I switched back to windows because of that... well actually it was partly also because I have to learn visual basic(but I now use mono instead of .NET). Having said that I'd like to draw everyone's attention, Everpad is the new kid on the block!! I am running it from linux mint 13 cinnamon, and I am very impressed... except for it's editor lacking a lot of formating options, and it's speed, and it's strange quirks. Compared to the evernote client from windows or mac this is far from perfect but it has a lot of promise
  2. hi. My update on nixnote: It's just too slow and uses a large amount of memory. Evernote run under wine 1.5.12 installed from playonlinux was actually a lot faster. Only problem is quite small, that you can't just copy paste stuff from web pages as you normally do on evernote on windows( It doesn't store all that fancy formatting and pictures, just text), and no support for recording notes in the client(so just record separately), and fonts not displayed properly. But then again, it's no different from nixnote. So, my conclusion was to settle for Evernote under wine. I'm sure most of you are now aware that windows 8 sucs pretty bad for the average user and that a lot of ppl would most likely turn to either mac or linux in the mere future unless microsoft do something about it. Now would be a good time to invest in a native linux evernote client (= linux mint 13 Maya Cinnamon
  3. hi baumgarr!! I didn't realize the creator of nixnote was just above my post... lol big fan!
  4. hi everyone. +1 for evernote for linux! ok enough of that. the creators of nixnote is working on a version 2. It's going to use C++ and Qt so it will definitely be faster and more memory efficient than nixnote v1, which uses java. So... to me it would be quite similar to a native evernote client. Maybe legit enough for evernote to put a link to nixnote on their download page or smth. Currently there is nothing much to show, but there is much to hope for! https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/nevernote/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=243 support!!
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