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  1. I'm using an iPad Air (not Air 2). And the problem I'm having is just with Penultimate, not Noteshelf and Notability (which I've checked and confirmed).
  2. I am having the same problems, both with dropouts (like you mentioned) AND with much less smooth, natural writing. Penultimate seems to have reverted to a single, standard thickness for every stroke, instead of the advances they had made to make writing look natural. See comparison in the picture I've attached. In Noteshelf (as well as in the previous version of Penultimate), writing looked natural. In the new Penultimate, it's blocky again. I'm using a JotScript on an iPad Air.
  3. When I'm using the Outlook Add-In to send an email straight to Evernote, Evernote automatically opens a new window with the note just created. Is there a way to disable this? I don't need to see the note I just created from the email, and when I'm trying to work through several emails, it's an extra hassle to wait for the window to pop up and then to have to close it immediately.
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