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  1. I get that. Simply put: EN has a web clipper that is broke. I'm saying finish what you started. Fix what is broke. Nothing new. The print to EN feature is simply: "Well, since you won't fix YOUR clipping tool, maybe do this instead...maybe it's easier since so many others do it for free.?" Again, what is going on at EN over the last few years that is so revolutionary and taking so many company resources that they can't hire the skill set or otherwise contract out a solution?
  2. Thanks. I use Chrome because it "works" with Google etc. I can imaging how Obama was feeling when he wanted an end to the Gulf oil crisis and cried out to the effect of 'fix the damn thing!' But I will continue to print to pdf and upload to EN. When you are uploading 1 Gig / mo...that's a lot of extra time that really, honestly, you just have to agree, should be there.
  3. You can look at it that way. It could also be that paying members subsidize free members, regardless of where the feature line is drawn. Consider this: if all of the paying members left, would EN still be able to continue to offer the same services for free? Absolutely not. So, I've paid for everything I'm receiving...regardless of what the company chooses to give away at a loss (likely causing me to pay more than I otherwise probably would be required.) Yes, I am aware that I can leave EN. That argument reminds me of what some people say to citizens that complain about their country in order to motivate change for the better only to be told to leave the county if they don't like it. I stand by my previous posts. But the bottom line is: you are correct good sir. EN doesn't have to improve and I can give my money to the first company that is willing to do better.
  4. Well, I'm not sure other browsers that are liking running a variation of the same clipping algorithms would be better. Maybe Chrome users are just more vocal or do more clipping than users of other browsers
  5. Ha! I figured I would get a "let it be" response. I don't visit these forums much, but if all the veterans here share your "energy," (and it seems that energy is widespread), I'm sure that helps to explain why the clipping is not where it ought be, imo. I mean I could see development thinking, if the paying customers (I assume you are) don't really care, why should we. Actually, every time (twice) I've posted to the effect of, "HEY guys, how about this improvement!" I've gotten from another paying? customer, "Naaa, rather than improve the software you pay continually to use, just use this or that workaround." Anyway, Yeah, I've been seeing such problems ever since when. I figured it was so obvious that it would surely be taken care of by now. Of course I could (and am relegated to) use third party software to clip web pages where professionalism is desired, then up those results to Evernote; but at $100 per annum, I would like for one package to do what it purports to do. Am I asking too much? Not sure what your definition of "severe" is, but I do consider the problems unacceptable...or should be unacceptable since so many others outfits can clip and OCR with much better and more consistent results, as I've stated already and you've concurred. I don't like the idea of having to give up my favorite browser; which does what it purports to do, having to give up my favorite extensions/add-ons, assuming that the Evernote add-ons work properly in the "new" browser. That seems to be a heavy price. Why not just fix the clipping feature we're paying for? What's important to me, and should be to others, is that I get what I pay for? Right? Asking too much? But I understand what you're saying and I suppose since I don't post here everyday, you've assumed I'm a "newbie" of sorts and you only mean to help. Thank you for that. But I posted here today with the hopes that someone important, maybe you?, would read my post and say to the effect of, "you know. he's right. The clipping has been broken for years. Let's all request nicely to the powers that be: please fix the clipping.?" Finally, if it is true/logical that the clipping ought not be fixed because paying customers could simply just drop a few hundred dollars and purchase a workaround. Then Evernote should have never developed web clipping in the first place. Right? Frank
  6. WHEREAS, Evernote, for the longest time, is unable to clip nearly all web pages, especially those with forms, nearly exactly via at least the Chrome extension; WHEREAS, Adobe and other developers of printer drivers that print web pages to a pdf file are able to successfully accomplish the above task nearly all the time; WHEREAS, printer drivers are not browser specific and thus, ought be easier to perfect and maintain than many many different browser extensions; NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Evernote develop or cause to be developed Evernote Printer Drivers for the OS's it supports that produce results similar or better than other such printer drivers enjoyed by the users of said other such drivers when printing "complex" web pages into a pdf format; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that rather than merely "convert" a web page into a pdf document, said Evernote printer driver also be capable of uploading such a pdf document directly to Evernote servers.
  7. Been using it awhile now. Works great! Thanks again!!
  8. Yes, I did notice that the forum was receiving feedback comments regarding the beta release...will do. Thanks again
  9. Please add ability to create new notebooks via Android App. Thanks.
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