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  1. It is very powerful but I know nothing about it! Just wondering if someone had an import tool of sorts which I could tweak Appears not Regards
  2. Thought I would give this a bump and see if anyone had any ideas? Thanks
  3. Thanks, I managed to created some saved searches, but it was more about creating a date in the future for a saved search but I believe that this isn't possible yet. Regards Gareth
  4. Thanks, very useful, lets hope it comes through. Regards
  5. Thanks, found it in the Mac version too just need to work out how to do 'future' context time searches so I can use it for Todos I can put fixed future dates, but 'moving' ones like 'Next Week' or 'Next Month' Regards
  6. https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/artic ... d-searches I have been trying to work out how to do some 'time related' searches and it appears that both the latest version of Windows and Mac searches don't seem to have the "created since" or am I being thick? Regards Gareth
  7. Thanks, what is the process for a Windows search as I can have a play. Happy that saved searches can't be created in Egretlist, but Egretlist imports EN searches so they show up in the application and can be applied. Regards
  8. JB, Being fairly new to EN, this doesn't quite make sense. I am using Egretlist (on the iphone) at the moment but having something on the Mac to do everything would be great. Can you explain in 'numpty' terms, how you do such a "Saved Search" Regards Gareth
  9. I have an exported Endnote .txt file (also .xml) if that helps and I want to import it to Evernote as a reference library. The reason for this is I am also using Notescraper for Kindle which allows me to highlight notes on the Kindle and import them into Evernote. The text file has the following format between Endnote entries ... to more detailed citations such as... I would like each entry to be a new note as I could just copy the whole text file but that would defeat the searching of each entry. Unfortunately there are over 4000 entries so doing it manually might take a little time!! Does anyone know of a script or series of steps which would allow this data to be imported to Evernote. I have Bookends (trial at the moment) if that provides a step in the right direction. Regards and thanks in advance. Gareth
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