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  1. Maybe it was an upgrade. Didn't connect those dots. I have Evernote on all my PCs (different platforms too) -- making this device limitation a real issue for me. A few weeks ago on my work account whenever I use COPY PASTE in another program (like WORD or EXCEL), the content on the clipboard creates a new note in Evernote, and nothing happens on the WORD or EXCEL file I'm working in. I thought it might have to do with CLIPPING. I discovered that if I EXIT Evernote the problem goes away. Confirmed with my office Helpdesk that this is an Evernote problem. Also just within Evernote when I try COPY PASTE, the pasted content winds up in a new note instead of where I am trying to PASTE it within the same note. SOOOO ANNOYING. COPY PASTE is so very basic to alot that I do, apparently. And now this device limitation for the Basic Plan. How does it cost Evernote a damn penny if I have downloaded the app onto multiple PCs. I rely on this program for so much, and I feel betrayed that they are making this change. But this is another topic -- sorry for ranting. (grumble grumble)
  2. Well, re the column widths, you can play around with the space bar to move the columns somewhat.
  3. I used OneNote on my PC but am trying Evernote now on my Mac to get some of the same functionality. Still hoping OneNote will find its way to the Mac world. :? I am an avid user of TABLES, finding them a great way to organize information within notes. But the TABLES within Evernote seems to have very limited function. Cannot add a row above (or below) current row, making it impossible to order information after the fact. And when I paste a block of text into one of the cells, it cannot be edited. Am I missing something??
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