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  1. Maybe it was an upgrade. Didn't connect those dots. I have Evernote on all my PCs (different platforms too) -- making this device limitation a real issue for me. A few weeks ago on my work account whenever I use COPY PASTE in another program (like WORD or EXCEL), the content on the clipboard creates a new note in Evernote, and nothing happens on the WORD or EXCEL file I'm working in. I thought it might have to do with CLIPPING. I discovered that if I EXIT Evernote the problem goes away. Confirmed with my office Helpdesk that this is an Evernote problem. Also just within Evernote when I try COPY PASTE, the pasted content winds up in a new note instead of where I am trying to PASTE it within the same note. SOOOO ANNOYING. COPY PASTE is so very basic to alot that I do, apparently. And now this device limitation for the Basic Plan. How does it cost Evernote a damn penny if I have downloaded the app onto multiple PCs. I rely on this program for so much, and I feel betrayed that they are making this change. But this is another topic -- sorry for ranting. (grumble grumble)
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