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  1. Hi Malc, Glad to hear our TSW system is working for you. It's why we put the time and resources into putting up that site and the training videos. "The Secret Weapon" works so well for our company and employees, we wanted to share it with others. Again, thanks for the acknowledgement. Scott
  2. I'm sure it was a mistake, something left out. The syntaxes are hard enough to figure out, and easy enough to get wrong, so it's pretty crucial to be able to see what that syntax is that you set up. My guess is that EN will fix this shortly.
  3. I'm waiting to hear back from Support, but from what I understand, on the Mac version 3.0.4, there is currently: 1. no way to view what a Saved Search's syntax is 2. no way to edit a Saved Search I'm also not seeing any Saved Search's on my online account (I think I used to be able to). Jsuttonmorse mentioned being able to view Saved Search syntaxes there, but I haven't seen how yet. I'll report back what Support says.
  4. You've pointed out one of the few disparities between EN's Windows version and Mac version. In the Mac version, we can't sort by Tags. I know: crazy. At our company, we all run Macs... except for my partner, who runs a PC, and he used Windows screen shots in the videos. Fortunately, I don't mind the missing feature, because I tag everything, so by clicking on the tag, I see the to-dos that I need to deal with. The only Sort method I use is by date. I use the Snippet View (the middle one of the the 3), and by sorting by date, all of the newest ones appear at the top. Those are always the ones that don't have tags yet, since I toss them in a rapid rate throughout the day whenever I think of something (on my iPhone, while in another application (Control-Command-N), or forwarding an email to EN). Because I don't want to interrupt what I'm doing, I just trust that later on in the day, or the next morning, I'll put a tag (or tags) onto all those new to-dos there at the top of the list. I'm sure the EN developers know that bringing parity between the OS's is important, so my guess is that the Mac version will have Sort By Tag sometime in the next 6 months. How's that for positive reinforcement.
  5. Mkeithley, at my company, we've been using the GTD/Evernote comination for the past 8 months. We teach it to our staff, too. We're so into it, we decided to put it down on paper and videos so others use it. We just launched it today, it's www.TheSecretWeapon.org A lot of help videos, which might be helpful to those new to the GTD/Evernote combo.
  6. For those interested in combining Evernote and GTD, there's a new system on the block called The Secret Weapon. Completely free, it's an organization methodology for those in love with both pieces. Just launched it this week: http://www.TheSecretWeapon.org A lot of help videos that may aid new people who want weave the GTD way of thinking into Evernote.
  7. For those interested in combining Evernote and GTD, there's a new system on the block called The Secret Weapon. Completely free, it's an organization methodology for those in love with both pieces. They just launched it this week: http://www.TheSecretWeapon.org
  8. All my notes are basically to-dos. If I have a few to-dos that I don't need to deal with (or see) until the week of March 10th, what is the best way you all have found for deal with future notification? I could put them in my Soon, Later, or Someday tags, or perhaps the best would simply be 12 Month tabs, one for each month, but I'd like to hear how you all are dealing with future-dated to-dos. Thanks for any ideas. (I wonder if the EN team have any plans for a Growl-type notification system...)
  9. To you Lion 10.7 users, what is the fastest way you have for turning an email (from Apple Mail) into an Evernote Note/to-do? When in Snow Leopard, I was using Veritrope's amazing Applescript (http://veritrope.com/tech/apple-mail-to-evernote-beta/), but it's not working for Lion. What are your methods for getting emails to be EN todos?
  10. Mac OS X Lion 10.7 (11A511) and Evernote Version 2.2.3 (158341) So far, no glitches.
  11. Dang. That thread did devolve into some fighting pretty quick. And it looks like this column-sort feature may not appear on the Mac side very soon.
  12. Just to be sure, here's the feature I'm speaking about. It's very handy (on the PC side) to be able to Sort by Tags. The following was taken from the PC version:
  13. Gotcha, sbliven. Yes, that's a powerful feature, the ability to filter notes via the tags left-hand nav.
  14. thanks for responding, sbliven. I'm unclear as to what you're referring to, sbliven. What I was asking about was an actual column in the List view, similar to the Created, Updated, and Title columns. This "Tag" column would allow the Notes to be sorted by Tags.
  15. Is there a way to edit an existing Saved Search? My biz partner who uses the PC version of EN showed me a way to do it on his, but it doesn't seem possible on the Mac version. I see the syntax in the Search Explanation bar (View: Show Search Explanation), but it doesn't allow me to copy the actual search string.
  16. It looks like a Saved Search has to contain a tag. If I do the same kind of search, for just "notebook:(one of my notebooks)" then the Save feature is also grayed out.
  17. I've had this issue, too, using latest Safari build (Version 5.0.5 (6533.21.1), and EN Version 2.0.5 (130391). What happens is that the 1Password icon will disappear, or move to the far right (onto the other side of the Google search field). The fix I've found is to place at least one icon between the EN and 1P icons. I just use the Autofill icon that's available from the pallet available at View: Custom Toolbar...
  18. Thank you, jefito. That helps a lot. Two smaller things: 1. so commas are not needed between each operator? For instance, do I write notebook:"Action Pending" -tag:1-Now -tag:2-When or, notebook:"Action Pending", -tag:1-Now, -tag:2-When And related to this, 2. It seems that if a tag has a space in it, like Action Pending, then the operator needs to have quotation marks around them, as I've done in the two syntaxes above.
  19. I just noticed that my biz partner's PC version of EN has a tagged column, that shows all of the tags associated with each of his notes. Is that something I can turn on with the Mac version, or is it just not available yet for the Mac side.
  20. I'm seeing how powerful Saved Searches could be, but I'm a little confused about how to 'write' them. Is there a simple how-to on saved searches? I'm trying to find all notes that do NOT have one particular tag (called where).
  21. Many thanks, BurgersNFries. "ASCII table" was what I was missing. Here's a list in digital format for easier copying. I also found out that MS Word, while it has a good "Sort" function, doesn't use the ASCII sort process, or at least the same one that Evernote uses. If it helps others, here's a list of useful ascii characters- Here are few useful ones that sort before A: ^ ! . [ ] © (Option-G on a Mac) @ % + (Option-Shift-8 on a Mac) Here are a few that sort after Z: Ω (Option-Z on a Mac) ∆ (Option-J on a Mac) ∑ (Option-W on a Mac) And I figured out how to find the keystrokes that make these. It's through the use of a built-in utility called Keyboard Viewer (also found under the Input Menu).
  22. HI all, Two questions. 1. I've always wondered if there was a list of ASCII characters that sorted before A (such as ^ and $) and after Z (such as Ω). I've always known a few of them, but I'm wondering if anyone's ever found the definitive list out there, in their sorting order. I searched the forum (and the greater web) for this, but only found a few characters. I'm wondering if there's an actual logic or list out there that shows most of them. 2. Related to this: Is there a way in the Mac Utility "Character Viewer" (found in menu via "System Preferences...->International->Input Menu->Show input menu in menu bar") to see how each character is made in the keyboard? I could've sworn there used to be a way to see which keys made each character, but it's been so long since I used the Character Viewer that I can't remember or find it.
  23. Awesome, folks, many thanks. I was missing that * at the end. Now the search works. Thank you much!
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