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  1. I know that this is a topic often discussed. What can we expect from EN when it comes to the editing capabilities? for taking decent notes and format it I always have to use Word, copy paste and spend time on fixing the formatting errors EN creates. Perhaps the next big change would be to enhance the editor. It is by all standards below expectations. If you are forced to use MS Word to cut/paste ... well, you might as well use OneNote ... Still a strong supporter of EN but it is too much work to get a simple table and formatting in place. Cheer, Shahram
  2. Hi! I originally posted a query on the G+ group. We are a long time sharepoint users. I was thinking of using EN business in small scale. Any suggestions on additional value that EN would add? I don't want to break the processes. Besides the ease of sharing web-captured-content and the iphone-picture-caption feature, anything else? We use the libraries and other features in sharepoint. Sharing large number of files in evernote doesn't really add value to the current setup. looking forward to your feedback, Shahram
  3. Hi! Here is a short blog about searching keywords and how to filter with limitation of notebooks, tags etc. Comments are welcome! http://neseco.com/sw/part-22-advanced-searching-saving-searches/ /Shahram
  4. Got it and fixed it, partly language, partly to quick written. The shortcuts, all from within EN and not from windows. Thank you for the comments. Sorry to "waste" your time. Will spend more time on proof reading ! //Shahram
  5. Nik! I can confirm that this is the "normal" functionality. I think the desktop version defaults to rich-text as soon as you do the steps you describe. the ipad version defaults to simple text. However, if you go select all, and click on simplify formatting from the format menu, it doesn't actually remve formatting as in BOLD/ITALIC etc. My guess is that it is indeed a bug as the "simplify formatting" should convert the note to text-only. Not much of help, perhaps a confirmation of what you already know! //Shahram
  6. In case you are looking for a guide on searching, here is a simple one; http://neseco.com/sw/part-1-of-2-effective-searching-in-evernote/ The next step will be published on Wednesday after some proofing! Cheers, Shahram
  7. Hmm, I guess you are right! I have stopped using sophisticated categories and taggs. A handful (12 notebooks) some nested to have the notes separated. Than using the search and attributes to find what I need. I discovered that I constantly came up with better ways of categorizing and tagging ... Which just made things more complicated and I couldn't remember where I put stuff and how I organized things. Hence, this change and blog. Sorry for the confusion, will try to be more clear in the future. /Shahram
  8. I have recently changed the way I use Evernote and would like to know if anyone else has come up with the same solution. I wrote a short blog about it at http://neseco.com/effectiveness/search- ... v-sorting/ Looking forward to your comments. //Shahram
  9. Hi! Here is a short blog on creating and working with templates. http://ht.ly/4vx8z Until there is a template implemented in EN, I guess this is the only way. BTW, I created an automation script that made it slightly easier to double click on your templates. not tested very well ... let me know and I can post it. Good luck, Shahram
  10. hi! Here is a short blog on how to create templates: http://ht.ly/4vx8z Good luck, Shahram
  11. Gloc, You create a saved search by doing a search on "all notesbooks". Once you have done your search you can choose File menue- New Saved Search. voila, you have saved search. Here is a link on the syntax for advanced searches. http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/evernote-api.htm#_Toc277181469 Good luck, Shahram
  12. Hi! Agree 100% with your comments. My solution is to have a nested notebook with dates. Something like: January: 01 02 03 Inside these notebooks that are under Jan. I have put all notes for future use. This is very much like the David Allen solution. However, moving, re-arranging and searching is just great. good luck, Shahram
  13. Hi! If you ever look for a good Getting Things Done tool, Evernote is the one and only tool. I have tested most of the tools for both PC and MAC and evernote is the most effective one. of course it lacks some functionality compared to other. At the same time it is the simplicity that is the key in having a trusted tool and trusted place to put things. Wrote a short blog about it att http://neseco.com/?p=154 Best of luck and thank you for a great tool. //Shahram
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