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  1. Ok, seems to be that the link does work for exactly one person only. But it doesn't matter if that person is who you intended to share the notebook with. Is this a bug or a feature?
  2. Doing more testing, but what I believe is happening is Evernote allows 1 person to use that link. Doesn't matter if it is the intended individual, just whoever gets there first.
  3. Just for the sake of making sure what I think is happening is actually happening, I created a notebook and shared it with a single individual. The URL sent to that individual is: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s35/shar ... 7679a00-1/ Can you see it? Can you edit it?
  4. We've noticed this odd behavior and hope someone can explain what is going on. tl;dr: Notebooks shared with individuals are visible to anyone with the URL and an Evernote account, not just the individual(s) to whom an invitation was sent. The owner of the shared notebook cannot see that more people than intended are viewing/modifying the notebook. Long version: -All users in this example have evernote accounts. -Evernote user User1 creates and shares a Notebook with User2. They do this using the "Share with individuals" settings, NOT with Share with the world. -User2 receives the email from Evernote, clicks the link, and can now see/edit the shared notebook both online and in their Evernote client. User1, the owner of the shared notebook, can look at Shared Notebook Settings and see User2 listed as "currently shared with" and can remove their access. So far this is all working as expected, nothing out of the ordinary. -This is where it gets weird. -User2 sends the URL to User3. Either by forwarding the email, pasting it in IM, posts it on their website, whatever. -User3, clicks the URL and can see/edit the Shared Notebook originally shared by User1. -User1 is totally unaware that User3 now has access to the notebook and does not have the ability to remove their access. What's up with that? Bug or 'feature'?
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