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  1. Great Video. Starting to feel Evernote actually exists again. wonderful if the Apple Pencil can be used properly in the future so I can stop having to also using Apple Notes.
  2. You can change the image type to Business Card I think, and then enter the info. Now how do we get this darn contact data out....
  3. Native annotation is the annotation that you get when you just open a pdf in iOS from files.
  4. 100% agree. The Apple Pencil works well in Penultimate, but apart from that, Evernote is useless for PDF annotation on an iPad. If they could just allow the native annotation functionality that would be fine (and more than suitable instead of the skitch stuff).
  5. I can't even see any notes...and I don't have a full screen window open. Basically I can't use the app on my MacBook right now.
  6. I would like to replace my 'Task' tag with just reminders, and then I can add dates for the ones that I need to be reminded about, and for others just review them. So how can I search for all notes with reminders (both date set and no date set)? This would be really helpful for a total Reminders saved search to put in my shortcuts.
  7. It is still possible to use the ^apple key 5 to do a snap without selecting the menu bar icon - a small workaround, but having it in the dock is a pain
  8. Hi, I'm trying to use the scan to network folder feature on my HP8500a to get it to scan to a folder which I will auto import to Evernote. It doesn't seem to be working with OSX Lion? Anyone had any success? ->Adam
  9. Hi All, I have a Sonos system at home, it is amazing (like Evernote), I always hear tracks that I like, and think I should remember that track or something (I have a big big library of tunes). So using sonos you can Tweet what you are listening too. If press the 'Autofill' button the music you are listening too is auto populated, and you just type @myen on the end. Hey presto you have a track that you love to remember automatically sent to your evernote account!
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