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  1. Hello, Unfortunately, I do not believe 4.0.2 fixes the anomaly with deleting notes. I have 4.0.2 and was using Evernote on an iPad 1 during a staff meeting. I would type a few lines, press "Save," type a few more lines, press "Save"... until an hour later when I pressed "Save" and the note went blank. I was prompted to "Save" or "Discard." I thought the screen was in error and the content was still being stored. This was not true. When I hit "Save" my note was blank and all content was lost. I have no idea if "Discard" would have recovered my note. I sent in a trouble ticket to see if my message can be recovered. Going forward, if I continue with Evernote on the iPad, I'll type the note in email then send it to Evernote directly. David
  2. Hello, The PDF to Evernote feature is really helpful except for one limitation - none of the hyperlinks are active like in real PDFs. Is it possible to add this feature in a future release? Ohhh... If I am using PDF to Evernote on a Webpage (to preserve formatting), can it pre-populate the URL of the Webpage or is that asking too much Thanks
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