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  1. I think we are talking different worlds here. I am talking about usability of the early access task feature, you may want to have a look at that first.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions and time. It seems that the search strings you both suggest only work for searching notes and (at least in The iOS version) do not work in The ‘search task ‘of ‘filter task’ search boxes. i still think there should be an easy way to filter to a certain context. For instance: if you go to the supermarket you want to filter down to all tasks that have the context: “grocery shopping”. Why not add the possibility to filter down to certain labels? That would give flexibility and focus. Without some way to drill down the Task Feature it is just not good enough for me (and most of us, I guess) and it has all the potential. Look at Nozbe for a (best practise?) example.
  3. I am looking for an easy way to switch between personal tasks/notes and work-related tasks/notes: during work-time I am only interested in work-related tasks and would like to filter away personal items. I expect most people to share this issue, or maybe I missed a alternative solution. I concluded that the necessary first step was to re-arrange my notes in two stacks: "work" and "personal", so I did. Now my next challenge is to filter between 'work' and 'personal' tasks, but I seem to need one of the following solutions: 1) Preferred: Add a checkbox to Notebook general settings to mark it as 'personal' or 'work'. This way it would be easy to add a filter to the task menu to filter away personal notes 2) Add stack-filter option in task menu. I'd like to filter tasks between the stacks: 'work', or 'personal'. Now, I seem to be able to filter per notebook, but not per notebook stack: so I need to review my tasks per notebook, which is quirky It would also help to have an extra level of stacks (sub-stacks), but that seems to be a long-shot.
  4. People have been requesting this since 2012. Seems like a no brainer to me. Evernote is soooo slooow in bringing us some real progress. Starting to make me feel ready to move to something new... Shame to you Evernote!
  5. If this is still not implemented (and it seems that way), than that is incredible! I think I don't even need to explain the enormous improvement in workflow for people really using Evernote for managing their complex working day. Please Evernote, step up your game!
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