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  1. Greetings, we are using Evernote to photo document and categorize/organize native plant species throughout the US. After taking a photo using the Evernote Camera feature, a graphical location map is available under the Info / Note Details. When synced to our workstation and Info is selected, only the address appears, not a graphical map. Is there a way or setting so as to have a graphical map visible on the workstation as it is on the phone device? Thank you, Scott
  2. When is the expected release date for the Web Clipper for Safari 6?
  3. Thanks Dave - I have contacted support where they acknowledged the issue but have not yet suggested a solution. Best, Scott
  4. Greetings, I am having an issue where in attempting to sync, my local machine appears to have a different user name than that which appears on the Evernote server causing the 'invalid user name' error message. If I change the local machine user name in Evernote Preferences to that which appears on the server, I get a warning dialog box that there is a conflict and data will be lost. The reason there appears to be different user names is that I had originally loaded Evernote for iPad about 8 months ago but never used it. At that time I must have setup a server account. Now after discovering the benefits of the software, I loaded it on my Mac Pro where I have built a data base apparently under a different user name. What is the best approach to resolving this conflict? Please note that there is no data on my iPad or on the Evernote server site. Thanks, Scott
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