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  1. I tried it both ways (and I have the Always show PDF). Drag into the Evernote program and created a new note in a separate window. Neither works. I also moved the PDF to the desktop to drag and drop and from Windows Explorer. I have been on Windows 10 for a while and I know this was not an issue. I am not sure what to look for on my computer that could be preventing it if it is not an Evernote issue.
  2. I am on Windows 10. It works on my Macbook, but not on the windows machine. It used to so not sure why it stopped other than the new version or something specific to my machine.
  3. I am not sure if this is an Evernote or something on my system, but I used to always be able to drag a PDF into a new Note in Evernote. Just recently, I have not been able to do this and I get a black circle with a line through it (size of the mouse pointer) and nothing happens. No message and the PDF will not go into the note. If I select attach from within the note, I can find the PDF and it will show up as the note (not an attachment). Though the work around works, it is not efficient. Many times I will scan a document into a document manager and want it in Evenote as well. I would just drag the PDF from the document manager into the new note and it would show up and be in both places. Did something change with the new version?
  4. Can the Doxie be told to scan all files as PDF?
  5. Is there no way to have the scan be sent as a PDF (without the need to convert from a jpg) from the beginning? I typically only scan photos as JPG. Everything else is PDF.
  6. Well sometimes the list is maybe for a few days as I will be tied up. Things get left on the list as we are waiting for information, etc. There are a variety of reasons the list may be long. I might not get to meet with them for a couple of days, or out of the office, etc. People will make work stretch to their clock out time if they think they are done The dash idea is an option. I like the numbers as we can reference the particular line item faster. I might give it a shot to test it. Can a note be copied (ie without highlighting all the text and pasting it in a new note)? That might work to move the list faster.
  7. I have been using Evernote to keep track of the daily assignments that I give to my employees. The title of the note is usually their Name and "To Do" and the date. I then list and number each task for them to do. Some times this list might be 20 items long and have some notes. I review their completed tasks and create a new note for the next day. Here is my issue: I want a new note with the next date on it, but they do not always complete all the tasks. So in order to create a new note, I copy the text from the day before and paste it in the new note. This means I have to go back and re-number items. This process is not that big a deal, but it does take time. Is there a way to roll the note over to the next day, put the new date, remove the completed items and have it auto re-number. I have set them all up on Evernote (but we have not implemented the ToDo list in a shared notebook yet, but it will be coming). Ultimately, I want this to end up being a shared item so I do not have to print it and I can update it as things change during the day and they can use the check boxes to show completed items. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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