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  1. I tried this, but I think the correct action here is to enable "Don't keep activities", at least that fixed the issue for me on 10.13 Perhaps something that should help guide the devs towards a proper fix of this bug? Edit: doing this breaks some background apps like media players, so this is only an emergency fix to toggle on/off while waiting for the devs to finally fix this issue...
  2. Worked for a little time, update 10.13 installed 2 days ago broke it again! 🤬 Android 11 on Samsung 21 FE
  3. Just had this issue happen to me as well. Went into App info (the one in Settings, not Play store). Purged the buffer then force closed the app. This solved the issue for me. Using 10.8.2 on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE running Android 11
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