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  1. Thank you for that tip. I will do so. But why in the blazes have a forum with a sub-forum called feedback/feature requests if they don't monitor it? It is grossly misleading. It plainly advertises that this is the place to give this type of feedback. It is very very strange to me.
  2. I responded to this at that other comment. In short my argument is that opening a new window for every single link click is likewise a usability disaster. Just a different one. Try following a 10 link navigation path and then following it back through the ctrl+click method and you should see very clearly why.
  3. It might be obvious from my initial post, but I'm not using the new app, and never will unless this is fixed. It is unusable to me in it's current state. I'm staying with the "legacy" actually functional app.
  4. My notebooks are all heavily interlinked. Every note contains many links to other notes. This is essential to how I organize my information. If link support does not work well I am forced to migrate to another app. Two fixes are desperately needed to make links usable in version 10. When clicking an internal link in a note opened in its own window, open the link target in that window, not in the main window. Opening it in the main window is insanity. It has nothing to do with the current context in which I'm working. It destroys the context I chose and want in the main
  5. It took me all of 5 minutes to give up completely on the new version. Links have become a horribly inconvenient mess for crying out loud. How can you release a new version where using links is a mess!? Links! It's unbelievable. I'm staying with the old version. If Evernote tries to force me to use something as horrifyingly bad as this "new" app I will go looking for another service to use. This is completely unacceptable.
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