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  1. I did the unwise thing and also updated Evernote to latest a week ago. What an "amazing" experience folks! (Both 13.6.x and 14.0.2 iOS affected.) For starters, spent half the time even finding where you have burried the handwriting option. OK, so now we call it Sketch and eats more screen area for no apparent reason (At least on a 12.7" iPad Pro that is). Interestingly enough no new features. Awesome! Everything is moved around so that whatever muscle memory I taught is now useless. Started drawing and it turns out shapes look like ***** - OK I realized I need to explicitly enable shape detection every time I open a drawing! Then realized that default line width is changed at initial zoom. I can live with that. Then I finally tried writing. Unspeakably bad, letter contours are jagged, there is less handwritten feel in terms of varying line thickness, everything looks as if I was doing pumping caffeine straight in the vein. Persevering through it all, the nail in the coffin: the copying feature. It's ridiculous. The marquee shows in the beginning and immediately disappears. I can move the selected drawing but cannot see what I am selecting. Finally, an added bonus - where the hell is the context menu??? Two things are obvious from this: 1) Nobody is testing this product. The same people that never thought about how annoying loosing work is if the iPad falls asleep on an open editor, now have not even tried these changes because there is not a single thing that works! 2) Nobody cares about paying customers in the last two months since the thread started I've not seen a single response from the Evernote staff even if just to attempt a half-assed apology and lie that the team is working to fix the issues.
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