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  1. Hi AH1997, Yes the "Add to dictionary" option is no longer included in the Evernote software. There have been a few other threads discussing this as well as possible work arounds. Myself and a few others have made requests to have them added back, but all I recieved was a response informing me that my feedback was appreciated and will be considered. I also agree this is a pretty standard feature that you would think to be obviously something that should be included. I can only hope they will actually consider it, and some time in the very near future add it back.
  2. While I apreciate work a good work around for issues. It would be really nice if they would just take a short amount of time to return a feature that is useful.
  3. I recently sent a request into Evernote via customer service. In order to get this issue more attention, and make them more likely to add the "Add to Dictionary" feature back, please use what ever channels of communication you can to politely request the feature back. I explained to them there are a lot of industry specific words I encounter, and it gets difficult or at the very least annoying when my notes are filled with tens or hundreds of "mispelled" words. Remember to state your case calmly, clearly, and politely. Thanks,
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