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  1. I think this is the best way to post my notes for the latest Evernote update. I rely on Evernote, I have everything in this application. What I like: I like the view of the notes, I like the collapsed view so I can see more notes. The search function does seem better and I appreciate that. What I need back: TABS, this is the biggest thing. I use tabs constantly and not having them is the most annoying thing. Smaller things: It seems I can't drag and drop my notes between notebooks well anymore. It keeps adding them as shortcuts which is really annoying. When I click on a note towards the bottom of a list, it jumps me back to the top and 50% of the time it's not selecting the note I'm clicking on. It also seems like there's a select feature that needs work because I can't always tell where I'm clicking. The back button (which I'm using more because I don't have my tabs...) it doesn't take me back to the last note, it takes me back to that notebook and the note at the top. Between this issue and when I click a note towards the bottom, being jumped back to the top, I'm losing a lot of time just trying to go between my notes. I also am not really a fan of the copy internal link having two options now (Web and app), I use the links to other notes all the time so this is an extra step I'm not fond of. I tried to use this app as it is for the last couple weeks and I am seriously struggling. I'm a teacher, online learning sucks. All of my lesson plans and notes are in Evernote. My annoyance with this is probably heightened because of all the other stress in my life. Please help!
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