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  1. Version (304720) / Windows 10 When typing in the Body of a note, the cursor jumps up to the Title of the note every few seconds. Turning "Set New Note Focus To Title" to OFF in the Tools/Options/Notes dialog stops this errant behavior. However, it also means the cursor is in the Body of the note when you create new notes, which is not ideal, but it's better than having the cursor jump around unexpectedly!
  2. Well apparently this "glitch" has re-emerged. Only now it's even MORE annoying. This occurred with the last "automatic update" of EverNote. Some day I'll learn NOT to update EverNote, because the last time I had an issue with it, it was right after an update. So here's the issue. Whenever I boot up my PC, there's this floating dialog on my screen WITH NO IDENTIFICATION ABOUT WHAT PROGRAM IS PRODUCING IT! Now it's one thing to toss up an error message. It's another to not even identify where the error is coming from. When it appears, it's just a little white box with the message "Read-only Access" in bold, followed by "You cannot edit this note because it is in a read-only shared notebook." and a button saying "Request Editing Rights" at the bottom. It's shaped somewhat like a taskbar balloon (but more square) and with a triangular extension to the box on top, like it's pointing to something. Only it's not. It's just sitting there floating on my desktop all by itself. BAD EVERNOTE! NO COOKIE! Shame on your programmers! Since I know some troubleshooting techniques, I was able to identify it was EverNote relatively quickly. If I'd been a "normal" user, I'd have no clue. So first, bad that the issue came up, since I didn't change anything. But VERY bad that you give me an error message that doesn't give a clue! FIX IT! (And stop breaking it!) Clicking the "Request Editing Rights" button does nothing. It just pops up another dialog (again, with no identification) that says "Not Sent" in bold, followed by "Can't request to edit at this time." which, aside from being awful grammar, is entirely unhelpful. After fiddling with it a bit, here's what I found. If I have "Launch Evernote at Windows login" selected in Options/General, then EverNote puts a shortcut in my Start Menu's "Startup" folder which launches EvernoteTray.exe. This launches at startup time. In the Tray Icon menu, Options sub-menu, there's an option to "Sync in Background". If that is checked, I get the error when EvernoteTray.exe launches. If I don't have Sync selected, no error - but also no sync, so that's 80% of EverNote's functionality down the crapper. So until you fix it, my work-around will have to be to launch Evernote.exe, then close it. That will leave the icon running in the icon tray, so background sync runs, but it will mean that EverNote's window will be displayed every time I boot, which is annoying. And yes, I can start it minimized, but it's sitll eating up resources (and a slot on my TaskBar) that it shouldn't need to.
  3. I just spent 20 minutes of my life in online chat with Evernote support asking about this. Apparently they don't even understand the issue, so let me spell it out simply: Say I have 500MB of cached workbooks on my Android.Now I need to use another account (or in my case, a co-worker needed to access some of his data)IF I LOG OUT, I LOSE THAT 500MB OF DATA STORED ON MY DEVICE AND HAVE TO RE-DOWNLOAD IT WHEN I LOG BACK IN.If I'm out of range in the interim (a likely scenario), I have to live without my data being available until I get back and it's re-downloaded.Frankly I don't see how I can make it any clearer that this is a huge inconvenience, not to mention costly to me in terms of download time and data which goes against my personal data plan. There are other programs which handle this sort of thing MUCH better, simply keeping the two accounts' cached data separate from each other and offering an option to "wipe" the old data when an old account is removed. I don't understand how Evernote can be far ahead in so many other ways, and yet so far behind in this one. Especially since it's obviously been a requested feature since 2011. And if I read the preceding comments correctly, the iPhone app DOES have that functionality? Man, is THAT ever a slap in the face to Android users! I did take a few minutes to ask a few of my co-workers, and they all say, "No, I don't know if you can do it, but that'd be an awesome feature!" Most of us have data that we need to keep separate from work. I understand that Google+ is similarly blind to the real-world consequences of mixing work data and personal data, which is why I have divorced from G+. How can two such forward-thinking companies just not get it? Oh well, I guess we'll get this feature when enough people move on to other platforms. /rant
  4. Warning, the "Thinstall" version referenced back in October does allow one to install it on a locked-down corporate machine. However, I found that it actually installed onto the PC itself (not in Program Files, it went into the User directory structure). It also places a link in the Start Menu and puts an Uninstall entry in place for removal. The database and program files are actually stored on the local hard drive. So corporate admins would probably skin you alive if you used this. Worse, after uninstalling, my database was still on the hard drive. So... Great that it can be installed on locked-down machines, but I'd advise extreme caution in use. - AzDayton - 06/21/2012 11:14
  5. Holy *****! You mean to tell me this NECESSARY feature has been missing since 2009 and hasn't been implemented yet? MAJOR fail! Time to take a star or two back in the marketplace. - Dayton - Wed. 08/10/2011 @ 11:05:32
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