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  1. So, I haven't read through every single post so I apologize if this has already been stated. I too was having the login issue with the "this is likely due to a bad connection to the internet" message after installing Evernote on a brand new phone sent to me from my carrier. In this case the new phone is the LG G7 ThinQ. I am NOT a paid Evernote user so I cannot say that this will help everyone. As a free user I know that I am only able to sync notes across two devices whereas paid users can sync across unlimited devices. What I do know is, I fired up Evernote on my PC (the Win 10 app version) and it worked just fine. I then went to Tools > Account Info. This will open up a webpage. From there, on the left pane I selected the third option down "Devices". Here it showed me the two devices I have Evernote installed on; my PC and my mobile phone...my OLD mobile phone. To the right of the entry for my mobile phone was the option to "Revoke Access". I clicked this and it removed my old phone from the list. I then tried again to log in to Evernote on my new phone and it logged me in perfectly. Upon refreshing the devices page on the website it had now listed my new phone as having access to Evernote. So, perhaps, if you are a free user, you might check if you are trying to use Evernote on too many devices or perhaps have some old devices you no longer use that are taking up an access slot. Hope this helps someone.
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