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  1. Arnaud68, I've the same problem and I am very disappointed about this stupid situation because I both like Evernote and Todoist. I would like to point you to the earlier tip of Lennar to copy the note link with Ctrl pressed: it than leads you directly to the desktop version of EN. By the way if you want to open the note in the web version don't use the beta version of EN Web: it doesn't link to the note at this moment. Maybe it will if it is out of beta.
  2. Hi, In the Google Play store I see screenshots of a good looking card view (let's say picture first). When I open Evernote on my phone or 8' tablet I see the cards in I think what's called expanded card view: mainly the title and a small picture. I've looked around severely, but how do I select the view I want as in the desktop version? TIA Gert
  3. Hi Ycare and hopefully Evernote rep. (Sorry for longparagraph, but I don't seem te be able to 'enter' in this forum...?????). I just installed Windows 8 on my pc last weekend and I am very disappointed that the evernote metro app does not work. It opens, little white balls cross the screen, but nothing happens. The little 'buttons' at the bottom – log in etc – seem somewhat faded. The desktop version though runs normal. I also use the metro app on my laptop and it works fine although it doesn't show some pictures (maybe .bmp is the problem). The only difference between my Windows laptop and my desktop is that the latter is a Windows 64 bitsmachine and the laptop 32 bits. Can that be the cause?
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