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  1. I believe I have identified the problem. Tables created in Word and then copied to Evernote, exhibit this aberrant behaviour (ENTER does not work as expected). Tables created in Evernote work as expected, including tables created in Evernote, copied to Word and then copied back into Evernote. For the record I am using Office 365 on Windows 10 Pro 64bit - not that I believe this makes any difference.
  2. Thank you both. ENTER does nothing. I tab in the last row to create a new row and this works just fine, but pressing ENTER in the newly created cells (or any other cell for that matter) and nothing happens. For the record, I am generally regarded as being an expert (for whatever that is worth), so I am confident in what I am describing. My PC was recently rebuilt to quite a high spec, and I have recently installed Windows 10 (with no problems).
  3. Pressing Enter does nothing at all using the Windows desktop version.
  4. The problem I have is adding text in a new row in a table. The tab key nicely adds a new row to the table, but there doesn't appear to be any way to add a new line (or go to the next line) in a blank cell. I know I can use Word as an intermediary, but that shouldn't be necessary for basic functionality.
  5. When I browse to select the location of my Evernote database (files) I am unable to navigate to the location (which is on a separate drive. All I can 'see' is OneDrive and my user data. See attached screenshot. This is not what I want. My boot drive is SSD and only contains the OS and programme files. As far as possible, all data is stored on other HDDs
  6. I am so frustrated by EverWebClipper which doesn't work in a few important respects. Basically, if you have to log into a website then the app is unable to 'see' the page you want to clip. For example, you buy something on the Internet and you want to clip the page that shows your receipt, or perhaps registration information. EverWebClipper is useless for this.
  7. vJournal has stopped working for me. iPad, iOS 8.1 All I get is a blank screen with a keyboard. No lines and no icons. When I type, nothing happens. I deleted the app and re downloaded. Now, I get prompted to log in with Evernote, but as soon as I do and log in, the app goes back to the prompt telling me to log in with Evernote - see attached screenshot Help!
  8. Arguments like this are a necessary part of any discussion, even if they occasionally become little uncomfortable. The fact that it sometimes gets a little heated only goes to show - for me anyway - that the matter is important. While I personally try not to get personal in my posts, it is necessary sometimes to prick the bubbles of some self-important folks who seem to believe their view is the only relevant one. Anyway, to the matter at hand: Of course Evernote is not a word processor, but as a note taker it really should provide a little more of what I call basic features. For me, sorting is no less important than font style or size. Photographs too are very important to many people, but the lack of any sort of control in Evernote is very frustrating. Nobody (surely...) wants photo editing as such, but simple resizing should be available, as should the facility to attach an image and display a thumbnail -instead of inserting an image inline. I realise this is not the place for a full-blown discussion on Evernote's features, but I wanted to show why I believe a few more 'features' would not cripple Evernote and would in fact make it far more useful in its primary function as a note taker.
  9. Hello Evernote... Anybody there? Forgive the sarcasm, but Evernote may be good at lots of things, but listening to its user base, and responding to problems and queries, is very, very poor. However, I'll try again. I also, frequently, get the unable to save clip message. Really helpful. Where is the problem? My broadband connection is extremely fast with an unlimited data allowance. I'm a Premium Evernote customer and have only used a tiny amount of my data allowance, and so on. UPDATE: I changed the options to clip a selection rather than the whole page, and this time it worked... Perhaps it is only the save whole page option which has the problem...
  10. Thank you GrumpyMoney for the template link. This is okay as a workaround, but I do hope Evernote respond soon to the growing calls for better note formatting.
  11. Ummm...am I not seeing something on my iPad? How would I highlight? hi. exclamation mark. What exclamation mark?
  12. Is the issue really the size of the photograph, or just that Evernote doesn't allow the display of a thumbnail of the photo? - the thumbnail size being a user choice at time of creation - ie choose size of the photo to display but keep the photo's original resolution. Given the rather large size of photographs taken with modern cameras, smartphones and even the new iPad, it is very disappointing that Evernote has still not addressed this issue. Personally I don't believe Evernote should get involved in photo manipulation directly. What would be much better is some sort of integration with other photo apps like Photoshop (PS Express), etc. Export to photo app, manipulate, save back to Evernote. Evernote displays thumbnails for documents and pdf files, so why not photos? Evernote also integrates with applications such as QuickOffice which can edit an attached document and then save it back into the Evernote, so this sort of integration is possible. It seems to me that just a little will is needed from Evernote to do this - and perhaps it needs more of us to shout loudly!
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