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  1. Arguments like this are a necessary part of any discussion, even if they occasionally become little uncomfortable. The fact that it sometimes gets a little heated only goes to show - for me anyway - that the matter is important. While I personally try not to get personal in my posts, it is necessary sometimes to prick the bubbles of some self-important folks who seem to believe their view is the only relevant one. Anyway, to the matter at hand: Of course Evernote is not a word processor, but as a note taker it really should provide a little more of what I call basic features. For me, sorti
  2. Thank you GrumpyMoney for the template link. This is okay as a workaround, but I do hope Evernote respond soon to the growing calls for better note formatting.
  3. Is the issue really the size of the photograph, or just that Evernote doesn't allow the display of a thumbnail of the photo? - the thumbnail size being a user choice at time of creation - ie choose size of the photo to display but keep the photo's original resolution. Given the rather large size of photographs taken with modern cameras, smartphones and even the new iPad, it is very disappointing that Evernote has still not addressed this issue. Personally I don't believe Evernote should get involved in photo manipulation directly. What would be much better is some sort of integration with oth
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