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  1. Sigh, it hardly helps. You execute "Match Note Width", and the table just changes from one fixed-width to another fixed-width. The width still does NOT scale automatically with window width.
  2. To re-emphasize, Evernote 6.6+'s new-style table is so annoying! Please fix it, my dear Evernote developers. For a very long table(vertically long), it is a real pain to see the right-side truncated content. As the two figures shown below, I have to scroll down to end of the table, drag the horizontal scroll bar, then scroll back to head to the table. It breaks my sanity. Let's see how Evernote 6.5.4's old-style table behaves, it shows me complete horizontal content even with a very narrow window width, which is the desired behavior. Two more suggestions: Since you allow table cell background color customization, why not allow table border color customization as well? Always seeing grey table borders are dull. Since you allow table cell background color customization, why do you limit the selection to only 6*4=24? User should be able to select any preferred RGB color, just like what you have done for choosing Text color in Windows desktop client .
  3. This problem can be easily seen for docs.python.org. And it is still not fixed in version 6.15.3 . For example, using Chrome v68, ,copy content from https://docs.python.org/3/library/abc.html , pasting it into Evernote, we see the problem again.
  4. I'm using Windows 7 with Evernote, and this long-existing problem still exists, and I hope it be fixed in near feature. It exists with 6.5 as well. For example, find a code block(text inside HTML <pre> tag) from https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.11/topics/db/models/#many-to-many-relationships , using Google Chrome v65, copy it and paste into an Evernote clip. You'll see that line-breaks are lost. Pasting it into evclip, line-breaks in <pre> block are lost: I cannot figure out the rule this bug happens. It just happens sometimes on some web pages. It is especially annoying when the code block contains many lines(50 for example), and only several(5 for example) of the lines lose line breaks, because visually indentifying those 5 lines is not easy unless you carefully check, -- or better, understand -- the pasted code.
  5. Two days ago, I was force to upgrade from Evernote 6.5.4 to (on Windows 7). I had been sticking with 6.5.4 because I love its "proportional table width" feature(see my link). Now with 6.13, I found a problem that seems impossible to work around as a programmer user: When I copy a block of <pre> content from some webpages(for example) and paste it into an evclip(Evernote clip), the text formatting from <pre> block is all lost. We know that we use <pre> to protect spaces and linebreaks from being tampered, so we expect the code text to remain valid after copy/paste. But with 6.13, it is ruined. See my screen shot below: [ Google Chrome browser ] [ Evernote 6.13 ] Evernote 6.5.4 does NOT have such problem. I'm also curious whether any Evernote staff/developer has been aware of existence of this problem, and is there plan to fix it? And I have to say, even back in Evernote 6.5.4, copying/pasting a <pre> block from a webpage STILL HAS some flaws. The most prominent one is: Sometimes, some line-breaks get lost so multiple lines get merged into a single line; it just occurs spontaneously with no apparent pattern. I have to line break them manually, a bit annoying but still bearable. For example, it appeared many many times when I copied large chunks of <pre> code from Django Tutorial . [2018-08-14] Well, I realize this space-swallowing behavior does not happen for all <pre> blocks. For some webpages the spaces are preserved as desired, for example, this and this.However, there is still problems with line-break dropping. I felt despairing for 6.13 yesterday because one of my frequently visited internal website happened to run into this problem. [2018-09-17] This is serious, no kidding. Almost every code block copied from docs.python.org (for example) causes space swallowing. And I checked the exported .enex, those space characters are all lost. I mean, it is data lost, not just a display issue. Don't you Evernote developers use Python in your daily work? I've tried the latest Evernote_6.14.5.7671.exe, still the same. Original webpage in Chrome: And this is what we see in Evernote 6.14: ==== There is a redundant image I want to delete from this forum post(I uploaded it by mistake, the tiny one you see below), but I can't figure out how to do it. ===
  6. This random image broken behavior seems to exist until today(Evernote 6.13). My best bet to avoid such problem is to manually confirm whether the image content is actually embedded into the enote(=Evernote clip). How to? Check the "Save As..." context menu item. Detail below. If we copy a block of content from a web page(including some image) into note area, and right click the just "paste-in" image, the right-click context menu will contain a menu item of "Zoom". At this time, we don't know whether this image has been embedded into our enote. To confirm, we have to close that enote and reopen it, and we expect to see the context menu contains Save As..., then we can be sure the image has been embedded. Odd behavior summary: Assuming you're using Windows, when you copy some content from a webpage, from Chrome etc, Windows places a piece of data in system clipboard with type "HTML Format"(I'd like to call it CF_HTML), then, pasting that CF_HTML into an enote will hopefully have Evernote embeded(=store) the image into you enote. But, if you are unlucky, Evernote will only store a link to the external image, and this can be your nightmare -- because, the image appears to be in your enote at first glance, but in case some day the original website containing you picture shuts down, you thoroughly loose that picture. Then what should we do when we see an image always says "Zoom"(no matter what reason)? Well, there is a guarantee way to truely embed an image. Copy the image(only that image) to to clipboard(result in CF_BITMAP clipboard format, instead of CF_HTML) , and then paste it into Evernote -- in this case, you expect to see "Save As" immediately . BTW: If you are interested in knowing what clipboard format Windows is currently holding, you can run a free program called Free Clipboard Viewer and verify what I have said. It is quite a pity that Evernote client program does not present a visually clear way to tell us whether a picture/image has been embedded into the enote as a so-called resource. So be careful, manually check the "Save As" menu item to ensure you really take hold of your pictures/images.
  7. Well, I see it. It really does the work. Thanks. However, I really miss the pre-6.6 table behavior of no-horizontal scroll table. That is: table column width is adjusted proportionally when I enlarge or shrink Evernote window width, so that I need only to scroll in one direction(vertically) to see the whole page content. If we really need a horizontal scrollbar, the scrollbar should be at window level. Evernote 6.6's per-table horizontal scrollbar is really weird. Of course, it will be best if you present per-table choice; user determines which scrollbar mode he likes. [2018-08-13] It's a pity that Evernote 6.13 still does not implement the "proportional table width" feature for new-style table. Due to a security enforcement several days ago, Evernote 6.7 and prior cannot connect to Evernote server any more. So I am forced to upgrade. To work around my proportional table requirement, I have to turn to Autohotkey for help, generating desired legacy table CF_HTML content in clipboard, then paste into my evnotes.
  8. I'm frustrated by a problem when upgrading to Evernote Windows desktop version 6.6.4 which is related to HTML tables. I'm a heavy user of tables, because tables make information structure very clear. I used to have a bunch of table templates with colored headings so that my tables are more eye catching. You can get my templates here: http://www.evernote.com/l/ABUzJRLa4hpKxJ0R7Q9IsewpFu40vsmYqH0/ In 6.5.4, they are displayed very well: But upgrading to 6.6.4, all header background colors are lost, and column width cannot be changed by dragging. I admit that 6.6's visual table editing feature is great, but losing old table functionality is so frustrating. I have 100+ such tables thus I have to refrain from upgrading to 6.6 for quite some while. So, please Evernote development team, please keep old table display and operation behavior, and I will be so appreciative. I think it is OK to provide a way(even a manual click to each old table) to convert non-standard table to 6.6's new style table, so that I can re-enable table header coloring.
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