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  1. Add me to the list. This is really annoying! It seems this is a new problems introduced in the latest release. I'm using (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829). I'm jumping between notes, adding snippets as I perform research on different topics. Many times I'm looking at a different monitor as I'm typing information into Evernote while I transcribe/capture what I'm looking at. All of the sudden, I look at my note and see I haven't updated it a bit because the focus is who knows where. But not a bit of the typing I did gets recorded. Over the past three or four weeks, I can't count the times this has happened, i.e., the times I have lost my thoughts and effort because my typing is ignored! If I remember this issue, and that I'm getting to type in Evernote and not is some other application, then I think to click, move, and click again to ensure that the note gets focus before I start typing. I'm getting a little better at taking this extra annoying effort to ensure I record everything I intend to record. But I'd really rather it work properly!
  2. HTC Inspire Android 2.3.3 Evernote Build: 198968 Version: 3.2.2(public) I get the haptic feedback on long press but not option to paste. No option on tap either. No menu option. This is the case with a new note or with an existing note in edit mode.
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