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  1. I made the mistake of updating to the latest version this morning when Evernote informed me of the "new" Evernote for Windows. I happened to visit a note with a reminder and now I can't use the desktop app. It hangs as soon as it starts up. If I re-launch, it just hangs again. It's dead. I logged out before viewing my notes folder and back logging in. Still hangs. I have rebooted my laptop. No joy. So I opted to use the we interface. OK, I can now look at my notes. I use the free version so I had to switch from the Windows desktop app as my 2nd device to the browser on my PC being my second device. Next I open a note in which I have encrypted text. The note spacing/formatting is all off with all kinds of extra line feeds before every encrypted text field. Every note with encrypted text is completely "jumbled". If I "view" some encrypted text field in one of these notes, I can't edit away the formatting issue. So I permanently decrypt one of these encrypted fields. Sure enough, I can get rid of the extra line feed. So, now I try to encrypt that text again. I find out that encrypting text is a no go on the web version. And then I come to find that you can't encrypt "yet" with the new Windows app either! Can't yet? Why is encryption a feature that didn't make it into the first release? You can view encrypted text, but you can't encrypt text? So, when will it be added back? I'm not confident of a timely timeline... if ever. What's annoying is that even through all the scaling back Evernote has done to device counts, etc. I decided to not migrate to something else specifically because of the inter-note encryption which seems to be an Evernote exclusive and one which I use a LOT. So, maybe after all of the effort Evernote says it's put into "improving" their product, it's finally driven me to revisit migrating to another note taking solution.
  2. Add me to the list. This is really annoying! It seems this is a new problems introduced in the latest release. I'm using (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829). I'm jumping between notes, adding snippets as I perform research on different topics. Many times I'm looking at a different monitor as I'm typing information into Evernote while I transcribe/capture what I'm looking at. All of the sudden, I look at my note and see I haven't updated it a bit because the focus is who knows where. But not a bit of the typing I did gets recorded. Over the past three or four weeks, I can't count the times this has happened, i.e., the times I have lost my thoughts and effort because my typing is ignored! If I remember this issue, and that I'm getting to type in Evernote and not is some other application, then I think to click, move, and click again to ensure that the note gets focus before I start typing. I'm getting a little better at taking this extra annoying effort to ensure I record everything I intend to record. But I'd really rather it work properly!
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