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  1. @schalliol: Hi. I'm having the same challenge. You want to look carefully at Evernote: I quit using it over a year ago because (at that time, anyway) it only supported a two-level structure ("Categories" and then all the notes in a given category at the same level). I believe the founder (of Evernote) wants everyone to use tags instead of a Finder-like structure. Which does not work for me. So far, I'm inclined to think that Omni Outliner is the best replacement: exporting NoteBook documents in OPML format keeps the structure and the attachments. However, it loses the formatting... Exporting in rtfd format appears to keep the formatting but it loses the structure... Sigh... There's a thread on this Omni forum: https://discourse.omnigroup.com/t/how-to-migrate-from-circus-ponies-cp-notebook-to-omnioutliner/22335 Good luck!
  2. Hi all. Are we going to get a definitive answer from Evernote to this question? I need to know because I'm at the point of making a decision to stick with EN or resume my search for a better tool. ALL my data (on other devices) is organized in a hierarchical way. I easily find my documents (notes or whatever) by going to their logical location (Building B/Apt. 3/Outstanding problems/Leaking shower head). I can't afford the time to multiple tag every note (scan, snapshot, etc) that I create. (I suspect that for some technical reason, probably a design decision that was made by the architect of EN way back when, it's now impossible to implement a nested notebook structure that is more than one level deep...) I would really appreciate it if EN came out openly and stated clearly what their intentions are regarding this often-requested feature! Thanks. P.S. For what it's worth, here are two of the other products I'm currently looking at (in parallel with EN): NoteBook (by Circus Ponies Software) and Curio (by Zengobi).
  3. Add me too: FOR folders (call 'em "stacks" if you must), AGAINST tags. (Actually, moved from iPhoto to Aperture FOR the ability to organize photos using folders which are only available in Aperture, not iPhoto. Decided to also use tags as well. After I had created my 100th tag (including several synonyms), gave that up as pretty useless for organizing stuff.)
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