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  1. I am a premium user, and submitted for a ticket (#1052471). I didn't receive ANY reply to my case for 2 days? May I know what should I expect from EN support team?
  2. I have 2 notes which cannot download content to iPhone (enabled offline notebook), but it is showing fine on PC/Web....As these notes were auto-forwarded from email and important for me to search from time to time, I am afraid this will happen again randomly. Is this a bug? anything can make it more stable? also, how can I rebuild the offline copy on iOS (if not removing the app) Thanks
  3. This problem still happen in Mail.app when pasting from RSS. Thanks
  4. Hi, finally I can use the shortcut key to paste something on EN. But seems some problem on Mail program, I got this error message. However, clipping from Safari don't have any problem [attachment=0]Screen Shot 2011-08-24 at 8.11.37 AM.png[/attachment]
  5. Anyone hearing our reported bugs before releasing new beta version??? Clipping keyboard shortcut still NOT WORKING through ALL three betas
  6. Will you fix the clipping shortcut key problem?
  7. Clipping shortcut keys STILL not working...!!!!!!! Need to open Evernote so it can be pasted
  8. Where is it located. I'd like to do clean re-install. Thanks
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