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  1. Indeed my wording probably comes across as being a bit overly... emotive. If it's designed to be seen once then maybe have it disappear permanently once you've clicked it? For some clearly, the fact that it comes back again when you either clear out all your notes or choose to have only 1 note is a bit irritating. We're all actually singing from the same hymn sheet here!
  2. Very helpful, dude, however my concern is aimed at the developers, not you. I'm just pointing something out which, having launched the application several times now and created a test note to play with, has already pissed me off to the point of writing on the forums. Even "Take a tour of Windows XP" only shows itself several times before wrapping its head around the idea that you've probably noticed it by now and aren't interested.
  3. But why is it thus reasonable to assume that anyone who only has one note has obviously forgotten how to add more, despite there being a very big icon saying "New Note" at the top of the window and despite being told already? On first launch, with one welcome note there, yes... by all means highlight the button. But please, once you've clicked it, added a note and thus managed the incomprehensibly difficult task of using hand-eye coordination to click an entire icon with "New" written on it... is it really necessary to continually point it out? So new users appreciate the pointer. I'm not arguing that. Did this market research ask how many users appreciated having the pointer there non-stop at all times until they added a note out of desperation just to get rid of it? All I'm trying to do is play with various aspects of the program using a test note I've created. Maybe there should be huge marker pen highlights around every single icon until I've exhaustively utilised that function? Once is enough.
  4. Hi Guys, This could well apply to the Windows version of Evernote as well as OSX, but seriously, what gives with that massive red circle around "New Note" that refuses to go away if you have 1 or no notes in your notebook? You know, the one that apparently stays there permanently until you add more notes. Do you perhaps think I've not noticed it? Do you think I need this pointing out to me all the time and that I'm so stupid that I can't tell where the "New Note" icon is having been told once? Do you really feel the need to save me from my own stupidity by consistently pestering and reminding me with a massive, unsightly red circle slapped across the user interface? Do you know what it is? It's INSULTING. Maybe I only want one note. Maybe I have the ability to recall the position of an icon. Please, show your users a little respect, show the red, animated circle once and then get rid of it.
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